A Digital Path to Migraine Freedom: Online Consultation Success Story

A Digital Path to Migraine Freedom: Online Consultation Success Story

#icliniq100hrs success story

A patient consulted our iCliniq doctor about her worsening migraines and an unusual sensation of hearing her heartbeat in her ear after a vaginal delivery. Her nurse told her the noise may have been coming from her neck and sent her for physical therapy. The patient had not started physical therapy.

Our iCliniq doctor conducted a thorough whether she experienced throbbing or pulsating pain in her ear that worsened with the headache, or if the pain persisted without a migraine headache. Our physician further asked whether the headache was unilateral or bilateral, or whether nausea or vomiting accompanied the headache. How many headache attacks did she have in a month? How often did she take medications?

The patient answered and said that she felt pulsating pain with or without migraine. The pain emanated from the frontal sinus or sometimes above the right eyebrow. The pain was repetitive.

Our doctor also explored potential migraine indicators like visual disturbances or body weakness preceding headaches, as well as the duration of the headaches. Our doctor said that the pain could be due to neck tension, excessive stress, or migraine headaches.

With no such signs and headaches lasting from eight hours to three days, the diagnosis leaned toward migraines or tension-related causes.

Our iCliniq doctor explained to the patient that she was suffering from migraine headaches. Our doctor advised her to avoid triggers such as stress, cheese, food, caffeine, soda, alcohol, and travel. Furthermore, the patient was encouraged to maintain a diary to track down and avoid these triggers. She should also exercise, which would help her relieve stress. She suggested medications including abortive therapy. Lastly, our doctor cautioned about the possibility of hyperthyroidism, recommending a check-up.

The patient was very satisfied and grateful after talking to our iCliniq doctor. She thanked our doctor for explaining everything to her in detail.

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