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About "Family Physician"

A specialist who provides complete healthcare for people of all sex and ages is called a family physician or a family doctor. They fall under the category of primary care physician. Unlike other specialties, family medicine is not limited to a particular organ or disease.

Through their extensive training, a family physician is qualified to treat most of the diseases and provide comprehensive healthcare. They are trained in all medical fields like pediatrics, gynecology, internal medicine, neurology, community medicine, geriatrics, emergency medicine, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, etc.

As they are the primary care provider of a community, they are aware of the infectious diseases prevalent at a particular period. So, they help in disease prevention and health promotion. Apart from diagnosing and treating illness, they also provide routine health checkups, preventive care, risk assessments, vaccination, and lifestyle counseling. They can deal with the entire spectrum of health issues that might be experienced by the members of the family. In more severe or chronic conditions, a family physician coordinates with other specialists.

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