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Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones are chemicals that are produced by the endocrine glands of the body, and they regulate most of the bodily functions. Hormonal imbalance results when the hormone levels in the blood become too much or too little. The symptoms caused by such hormonal imbalance are unexplained weight gain, excessive sweating, sleep disturbances, skin rashes, dry skin, depression, headaches, etc.

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How to recover from scanty periods? Help me.

Query: Hello doctor, I am under a contraceptive pill during menstruation. I have a history of continuous menstruation for more than ten days. The bleeding has been significantly less for the past ten days. Please suggest to me how to recover from this condition. Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. Firstly I need to know which contraceptive pills you are taking. Most contraceptive pills have 21 tablets, which should be started on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. After taking all 21 tablets, you must stop the contraceptive pil...  Read Full »

I have many issues after contraceptive pill withdrawal. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, As I came off the pill 14 months ago, I have had lots of issues: black, brown, smelly spotting, irregular periods, severe pain, severe fatigue, been to the emergency department many times with different issues (stomach bleeding, severe stomach pains, lightheadedness, back and neck ache...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hi, Welcome to In your description you have mentioned lots of issues that needs to be investigated and sorted out in detail individually. Microadenoma and hormonal imbalance are two separate issues actually those can cause different symptoms, need different investigations, precautions...  Read Full »

I had slight bleeding for a few days. Could I be pregnant?

Query: Hi doctor, I started taking tablet Progesterone one month ago. In the meantime, I have also been taking Itraconazole medication. I had sex a week ago, and we used a condom too, which did not break. So I stopped the pill after four days. I had little bleeding for a few days after, and for 2 to 3 days...  Read Full »

Dr. Richa Agarwal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thank you for your query. I have gone through your history in detail and understand your concerns. As per your description, these symptoms could be due to hormonal imbalance or pregnancy, although the chances are very low. But as you missed your period, it could be ano...  Read Full »

I have low vitamin D and did not get my period for two years.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 18-year-old female with a 64 kg weight. During my first period I had heavy bleeding which lasted for seven days. I did not get my periods for one and half years after my puberty, then got light periods before six years ago, and the bleeding lasted for four days. Now I have no pe...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. Since you are going through teenage but, some hormonal imbalance is there during the start of the menstrual cycle at the menstrual cycle. During the early cycles, most girls have anovulatory and irregular cycles. But gradually, the cycles b...  Read Full »

I have thyroid issues and polycystic ovaries. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am 26 years old, weighing 209 lbs, and 5.5 feet tall. I am struggling with hormonal imbalance. I suffer from irregular periods, thyroid issues, and polycystic ovaries. My lab results of ovary tumor markers and thyroid test results are as follows: 1. TSH is 4.03 (range - 0-4.20). 2. T...  Read Full »

Dr. Shaikh Sadaf

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I just read your query, and from what you have attached (attachments removed to preserve patient's identity), you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Your body mass index (BMI), based on the weight and height you have mentioned, is 72 lbs/sq feet, and that is un...  Read Full »

What causes cramps and sore breasts with delayed periods?

Query: Hi doctor, My periods were delayed by 29 days, but I still experienced cramps, clear discharge, sore breasts, and, also feels skin itching at night. Please advise.  Read Full »

Dr. Richa Agarwal

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thank you for your query, I have gone through your history in detail and understand your concerns. As per your description these symptoms could be due to hormonal imbalance but it could be due to pregnancy also though the chances are very low. But as you missed your pe...  Read Full »

I have heavy periods. I have chronic constipation with normal reports. My doctor said it can be due to hormonal imbalance. Please guide

Query: Hello doctor,I have heavy periods. However, as these periods are heavy at times I have noticed some bleeding from the rectum. I do have chronic constipation and at times I have had to strain. I had a colonoscopy last year and a CT scan of the pelvic area later everything was clear. I did have an MRI...  Read Full »

Dr. Kanani Darshan Jayantilal

Answer: Hello,Welcome to icliniq.comI read your query and understand your concern. Bleeding from the rectum during heavy periods can be concerning, especially if you have a history of chronic constipation and straining. One possibility for that is the increased pressure during heavy periods and straining ca...  Read Full »

I am a 29-year-old unmarried female experiencing shorter bleeding intervals during periods. Kindly guide me regarding tests to detect any issues.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 29-year-old unmarried female experiencing a recurring issue of having shorter periods, lasting about two or two and a half days, for the past few years. Currently, my periods last only two days. However, my menstrual cycle is regular, occurring every 28 to 30 days. I want to kno...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understood your concern. Firstly, I would like to inform you that menstrual bleeding for two to seven days is considered normal. However, if you experience minimal bleeding or only spotting for these two days, I suggest you undergo a pelvis ultra...  Read Full »

After my delivery, I am getting scared for everything. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I am 27 years old, and I have 1.6 months old baby. After my delivery, I am getting scared for everything. If something bad had happened to anyone, I am scared to talk with that people am thinking that it will happen to me also. If I love to buy any product while taking am thinking tha...  Read Full »

Dr. K. V. Anand

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Please do not worry. After delivery, for any woman, it is common to have a hormonal imbalance which could cause anxiety and depression symptoms. More over, the trauma associated with the childbirth also could trigger anxiety and depression. But both of the anxiety an...  Read Full »

Why is my period irregular all of a sudden?

Query: Hi doctor, I have irregular periods suddenly. My periods were always regular. The bleeding happened only for two days, the first and last day of the previous month's periods. I had only spotting in the in-between days. And I did not get my periods for this month. Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Navajith A. Mani

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. As you are in childbearing age with history of missed menstrual period, the most common causes could be pregnancy if you were sexually active and had unprotected intercourse, secondly hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian dysfunction (hormonal...  Read Full »

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