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Knee Pain

Knee pain can be due to a localized injury or trauma causing a torn ligament, tendon, meniscus, fracture, bursitis, tendinitis, obesity, arthritis, overuse (runner's knee), gout, etc. Although pain due to minor injury resolves on its own, diagnosis and correction of the underlying cause are essential to get rid of long-standing severe knee pain. Weight reduction is necessary to treat the present or prevent future knee pain in obese people. Adequate rest, physiotherapy, knee braces, surgery, medication, etc., are the available treatment options based on the diagnosis.

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My knee feels like it needs to pop, and it feels tight and hurts when I bend and extend. Why?

Query: Hi doctor,I am a girl who is 5 feet and 160 pounds. My knee feels like it needs to pop, but it will not. It feels really tight and hurts when I bend it quite a bit and when I fully extend it. I am currently not taking any medications.   Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I understand your concern. The probable diagnosis is knee pain. This seems to be due to a soft tissue injury to the knee. You need to take tablets. If it does not get better in two weeks, then you will require an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan of the knee joint. I...  Read Full »

I am a 28-year-old suffering from knee pain for the past three days and need medications for pain relief. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor,I am a 28-year-old suffering from knee pain for two to three days. Kindly suggest me medicine for pain relief.Thank you.  Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I have read the query, and I can understand your concern. Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Knee pain may be caused by an injury or other medical conditions like arthritis, patellar tendinitis, anterior cruciate ligament injury, knee burs...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing knee pain after a flight journey of 20 hours. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I recently traveled abroad and it was around 20 hours of flying both ways. I returned two days ago and went to the doctor with some pain in my knee. He ordered an ultrasound which came back negative for blood clots. Yesterday, I worked myself into a panic attack and returned to the do...  Read Full »

Dr. Ajit Kumar Varma

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I can understand your concern. The probable cause for the pain you are experiencing can be a long journey by flight. Since you are still having some pain and discomfort in the legs and the posterior aspect of the thighs, I would suggest you consult a general surgeon....  Read Full »

I am a runner having bruising and mild pain in the middle of my knee which makes it difficult to bend my knee. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor,There is bruising and mild pain in the middle of my kneecap that feels uncomfortable and makes it difficult to bend my knee. I am a runner and I participate in track and cross-country events, but I have never dealt with such pain before. When I press the middle of my knee where there is br...  Read Full »

Dr. Sharoff Lokesh Mohan

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I appreciate that you have chosen icliniq for your medical needs. Yes, you need to wear a kneecap or an elastocrepe bandage. Apply ice over the area twice daily. I suggest you take the following: Take a tablet of Etoricoxib 60 mg one during the day and another ...  Read Full »

I am suffering from right knee pain despite taking medication. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I have played badminton for one month, and it gave me pain in my right knee. As per the MRI, scan doctor said that there was some injury. He gave me Tendoflex (1-0-1) tablet and Diacerein (0-1-0) for one month. I took rest for one month and consumed the medicines for one month. I went to ...  Read Full »

Dr. Anuj Gupta

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I appreciate the details you have mentioned in your query. But unless you share your MRI report with me, how will I come to know about your injury? You mentioned MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) attached, but I cannot see any attachment. Please share your MRI report. ...  Read Full »

I am worried about knee replacement surgery. Please help.

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 72-year-old female, my doctor suggested knee replacement surgery one by one or both knees together. I can walk up to 109 to 164 yards only and I cannot take stairs or sit down at a place. The pain is also there, because of which I want to go for surgery. I am afraid that because...  Read Full »

Dr. Anuj Gupta

Answer: Hello, Welcome to First of all, knee replacement surgery is a lifestyle-changing surgery. The decision does not depend on X-rays or investigations. It depends on the amount of problem and the impact it has on your lifestyle. You cannot walk for more than 164 yards which is quite debil...  Read Full »

My knee pain got worse after doing knee exercises. Why?

Query: Hi doctor, I am a 51-year-old overweight female. Almost a month ago, I had two knee injections for osteoarthritis in my right knee. From the first day after the injection, the doctor instructed me to do knee exercises (folding and stretching) five times a day. I did the exercise for a week but then ...  Read Full »

Dr. Kanani Darshan Jayantilal

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing intense knee pain. It is possible that the knee injections and exercises have aggravated the underlying condition in your knee, leading to increased pain. The injections could have caused some inflammation, and the exercis...  Read Full »

Why do I have pain and swelling in my knee for several years?

Query: Hi doctor,After injuring my left knee while riding my horse, I have been experiencing issues with my left knee for several years. While riding, my horse suddenly turned to the right, and I had to put all my weight on my left leg to stay in the saddle. I felt a pop, and my knee has been bothering me ...  Read Full »

Dr. Atul Prakash

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. I believe an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) is a good investigation for any ligament issue based on what you have described. A "pop" in the knee and swelling and persistent pain point to either an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) (a torn ...  Read Full »

What do my knee's magnetic resonance imaging findings mean?

Query: Hello doctor, I am a 51-year-old male weighing 200 pounds. Recently, I injured my knee (three weeks ago) due to a fall. I have knee pain that worsens going up and down stairs. MRI showed a local cartilage defect involving the lateral trochlea with subjacent bone marrow edema. I am in good shape and ...  Read Full »

Dr. Sumit Chawla

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Thank you for your query. I understand your concern. Your MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) findings indicate patellofemoral arthritis. The treatment options for the condition vary from conservative treatment to joint replacement (partial or complete) depending on the X...  Read Full »

I have swollen feet with knee pain. Why could it be?

Query: Hi doctor, My feet get swollen, and I sometimes get knee pain, especially from the left knee. I thought it was liver-related, but my results came back negative. My poop is yellow and in small balls, not sausage. What could it be?  Read Full »

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Abdelrahman Abouibrahim

Answer: Hi, Welcome to I can understand your concerns. Swollen feet could be due to many causes, including heart failure, kidney problems, allergies, and low blood protein. The other possible causes include the following: 1. Infection. 2. Joint problems. 3. DVT (deep vein thrombosis). P...  Read Full »

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