Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Considerate Ward Regarding Her Father’s Illness

Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Considerate Ward Regarding Her Father’s Illness

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A considerate ward approached the iCliniq doctor regarding the concerns about her father who was a prostate cancer patient and had undergone IGRT (image-guided radiotherapy). She enquired about the dose regulation for the hormone therapy he has been receiving as his PSA (prostate-specific antigen) values have decreased in the past two years. She also mentioned that the patient has had weakness despite taking vitamin tablets, angiodysplasia of the left colon, and mild hemorrhoids. She asked the expert’s opinion on any conservative management other than APC (argon plasma coagulation) therapy to address the issue.

Our iCliniq doctor went through the query and enlightened the concerned about the standard dose of the hormone therapy and recommended a three-year treatment of 12 injections. Our doctor also informed her that the weakness was the side effect of this treatment, and advised alterations in the treatment if there was intolerable weakness. Our iCliniq doctor suggested that APC was a conservative treatment and that the patient could try a steroid enema before that.

The ward reverted and informed our doctor that the patient’s weakness had reduced. She also mentioned that the patient had consumed Sucralfate for a couple of days and discontinued it as it resulted in swelling. Further, she also raised concerns about the APC treatment and frequency of taking PSMA (prostate-specific membrane antigen) PET (positron emission tomography) scan for follow-up.

Our doctor recommended an annual PSMA PET scan as even if the PSA levels are normal there could be a spread of cancer inside. Additionally, our doctor advised monitoring PSA levels alone every three months for five years. He also added that swelling may be the allergic reaction to Sucralfate which is different from a steroid and suggested trying a steroid enema in a hospital setting with necessary precautions. Furthermore, he stated that APC may be required repeatedly if the bleeding recurs and suggested surgical removal of the diseased portion of the bowel as a permanent solution if the problem recurs.

The ward was very content with the reply and thanked our iClinq doctor for his detailed and precise answers.

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