Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Patient Who Was Concerned About Contracting HTLV

Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Patient Who Was Concerned About Contracting HTLV

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A male patient consulted our iCliniq doctor with a concern about contracting HTLV (human T-cell lymphotropic virus) type 1 or type 2 after having protected penetrative intercourse with a female sex worker a few years ago. He gave a history of a negative test for STD (sexually transmitted disease) and STI (sexually transmitted infections), two years after the intercourse. He added that he had developed urinary problems and kidney stones. He also mentioned that he had a cystoscopy (an imaging technique used to examine the urinary bladder), which was negative and a weak urine flow in the uroflow test. He further told our doctor that he was concerned about contracting HTLV 1 or 2 from his previous intercourse, as one of its symptoms was neurogenic bladder (a neurological problem affecting the urinary bladder function). He asked our doctor's opinion about the same and asked the doctor to guide him on whether he should get tested for HTLV 1 or 2.

Our iCliniq doctor went through the query and reassured the patient the chances of contracting STDs were very low as it was protected intercourse and as the STDs tests which were negative. Our doctor assured the patient that the symptoms were not related to HTLV and advised the patient to consult a urologist for further evaluation and management of symptoms. Our doctor also suggested the patient take an HTLV antibodies test or ELISA if he was very anxious about contracting HTLV.

The patient expressed gratitude for our doctor’s valuable answer. He then asked about the chances of acquiring HTLV 1 from first-time protected or unprotected intercourse and whether there was a possibility of testing negative for HIV but acquiring HTLV 1. The patient further asked if testing negative for HIV implies that HTLV would also be negative as both viruses consider T-cell count.

iCliniq’s doctor reaffirmed to the patient that the chances of HTLV transmission from female to male are comparatively lower than male to female and the use of condoms helps prevent transmission. Our doctor further added that the chances of transmission increase with multiple exposures and multiple partners. Our doctor also mentioned that there was no proper documentation regarding the correlation between HIV and HTLV test results and reassured the patient need not worry about HTLV with the given exposure and negative STD test results.

The patient was very happy and grateful for the prompt and detailed reply from our iCliniq doctor in clarifying all his concerns which helped alleviate his anxiousness about contracting the condition.

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