Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Patient With Petechiae

Know How Our iCliniq Doctor Helped a Patient With Petechiae

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A patient had consulted our iCliniq about having isolated petechiae (tiny round, brown-purple spots due to bleeding under the skin) on his neck, hands, and legs. He added that his blood report was normal but a red line appeared when he rubbed his hands over the desk for a minute or two and had a red rash over his chest in the morning. He also mentioned that his gums bleed while brushing. He further informed our doctor that he had suffered from tonsil problems, which were cured upon taking antibiotics. He said that he had received his booster dose of the COVID vaccine and had been experiencing these issues since then, and asked the doctor for his opinion.

Our iCliniq doctor went through the query and advised the patient not to worry and suggested that his symptoms may be due to vitamin and mineral deficiency, lack of physical activity, and proper sleep. The doctor further recommended the patient to incorporate some Yoga and Pranayama into his daily life and suggested some diet changes as well as nutritional supplements for three weeks and asked the patient to revert after seven days.

The patient expressed gratitude for the prompt and valuable response and informed our doctor that he had been experiencing mild body, which sometimes felt like bone pains and required him to sleep to feel better. He further expressed concerns about whether his symptoms could indicate leukemia.

Our iCliniq doctor reassured the patient that his symptoms were likely not related to leukemia but rather a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or an improper lifestyle pattern. He further reaffirmed to the patient that the recommended course of treatment was designed to address the patient’s issues and alleviate the symptoms.

The patient followed up and informed our iCliniq doctor that he had seen improvement in his symptoms. The patient further said that he was impressed by the level of care and attention to detail provided by our iCliniq doctor. The patient appreciated the doctor's kind and empathetic approach, which helped alleviate his anxiety and concerns.

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