Medical Case: Polymyositis


Dr. Farzana Roshan. M., BAMS


Medical Case Details:

A 51-year-old female patient recovered from polymyositis after undergoing emergency treatment. Weakness of limbs, back, and neck. Poor muscle function on nerve conduction test. Gradually, she reduced the steroid dosage and stopped it by herself. Unfortunately, her CPK (creatine phosphokinase) level has raised again. Currently, CPK level is 3089 U/L. She has severe muscle weakness, stiffness, and pain in limbs and back. Patient is seeking ayurvedic treatment. What can be done to reduce serum CPK level?



Dr. Mahboob Ali
Unani Medicine Specialist

A polyherbal Unani formulation contains 9 or 10 types of drugs that can be used as a decoction form for evacuation of morbid material that rejuvenates the nerves and muscle fibres. This formulation is called Joshanda munzij balgham for 40 days.
light massage of upper and lower limbs.
Habbe azaraqi 1 tab BD for 40 days
majun Falasfa 5 GM TDS
Cap brahmi 2 tab BD

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03.Oct, 07:26pm

Anjali Agarwal

There can be post viral infection or post trauma induced issue. You can reach me for rehab thru online video call for bringing down inflammation and immobility , you can send me a message on 8790465446, any covid history

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16.Oct, 04:07pm

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