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Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our 2019 Spring Milestone Makers Cohort
Nasdaq - 29.Mar.2019

iCliniq enables patients to get medical second opinions at low cost from health care professionals around the world. iCliniq has its own global credentialing system that makes sure of the quality of health-care professionals. Over a million opinions have been provided for patients across 196 countries by 3500 doctors on iCliniq ... read more »

Why AI has yet to solidify its role in health care #icliniq
VentureBeat - 18.Feb.2018

iCliniq is a good example of a company that’s using AI to lower costs and increase convenience in the health care space. Labelled a “virtual hospital,” iCliniq gives users access to doctors, medical advice, and second opinions from licensed health care professionals all over the world. ... read more »

Nine ways to organise your life in your lunchtime
BBC News - 25.Apr.2017

Apps such as iCliniq offer a way for busy professionals to get medical advice without taking time off. ICliniq users can set up a video consultation with one of its 2,000 or so doctors in countries including the US, UK, India and Germany. ... read more »

Making Quality Care Accessible to All
Healthcare Executive - 16.Feb.2017

We started from day one with patient in mind. In fact, there were times, when we used to tweak the entire platform for the requirement of a patient. So our philosophy has been: "Create a platform, so that a patient in any remote corner of the world can access quality care". ... read more »

Can You Visit a Doctor Without Leaving the House?
LIFE HACKER - 13.Dec.2016

iCliniq bills itself as a service for travelers, but that’s because they have doctors in 13 countries. ... read more »

Afternoon DESPATCH & COURIER - 09.Dec.2016

One of the key benefits would include reducing hospital infections. Online consultations can help with this, by putting potential patients in touch with doctors who will go through all of their symptoms online. ... read more »

Top 5 Companies in Telemedicine
INVESTOPEDIA - 03.Dec.2016

If you’re looking for a virtual hospital while you’re away from home, look no further than iCliniq. The company offers online access to over 1,500 doctors in more than 80 specialties, and the platform caters specifically to expatriates and travelers. Patients can consult physicians anytime, day or night, and pay a flat fee to get their health questions answered. ... read more »

Online doctor consultations on a high post demonetisation
FranchiseIndia - 22.Nov.2016

A lot of money is saved on travel potentially saving cash and digital money as well. Almost 80 percent of health issues can be solved online and online doctor consultation is mitigation to real time treatment. ... read more »

With iCliniq, take a virtual step into the doctor’s clinic

iCliniq offers consultation over messaging apps Telegram and Slack via voice/video calls and messages ... read more »

With iCliniq, consulting international doctors is just a click away

iCliniq currently offers consultation over chat/message, voice call and video call with an user base comprising 1,500 doctors, 1,45,000 patients and spanning over 160 countries ... read more »