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Health Tools A-Z

Health Tools and Calculators can help manage your health and wellness. You can check your ideal Body Weight, find out Safe Days Calculator, Blood Pressure, Early Pregnancy Calculator, Estimated Due Date Calculator and more.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator

What should be your ideal body weight based on your gender and the body height. Find out with this Ideal Body Weight Calculator.  Click Here

Lean Body Mass Calculator

Find out your lean body mass and your body composition based on your gender, body height and body weight using this tool. Increasing your leans while reducing your fats is the key to looking great.  Click Here

Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

The Adjusted Body Weight (ABW) calculator ascertains the adjusted body weight on the basis of the actual weight and the estimated ideal body weight.  Click Here

Daily Calorie Intake (or) BMR Calculator

To lose weight, how many calories are needed in a day and how many are needed to be cut off. Calculate it with our Calorie Intake Calculator. Simple guidelines for gaining and losing weight is provided.  Click Here

Calorie Burn Calculator

Calculate how many calories you are burned on your work out day and how many are needed more to be burned in order to lose weight.  Click Here

Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Measure your Body Fat percentage and plan accordingly to improve your fitness to stay healthy.  Click Here

Body Adiposity Index Calculator

Find your Body Adiposity Index without using weight. Just use your Hip size and Height to get your BAI. With your obtained BAI make a chart to stay in shape.  Click Here

Body Surface Area Calculator

BSA is an indicator of metabolic mass of the body. It is calculated for many medical purposes. Using BSA we can screen cardiac index or Chemotherapy dosage.  Click Here

Body Frame Size Calculator

Get your Body frame size with wrist size and height. Based on your body frame ranges, plan the diet and routine exercise to make yourself fit.  Click Here

Eye Test Calculator

Test your eyes and know the strength of your vision by our Eye Test Calculator. For all age group of people.  Click Here

Baby Eye Color Predictor Calculator

Are you excited to know your little ones eye color? Use our Baby eye color predictor calculator to get the results based on parents eye color.  Click Here

Daily Water Intake Calculator

Get your volume of water intake using our Daily water intake Calculator. And find the necessary amount of water intake to your body on daily basis.   Click Here

Macro Nutrient Calculator

Find the right quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats your body needs using our Macro nutrient calculator. It helps to segregate the essential nutrients for proper diet.  Click Here

Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator

Our Propoints Weight Watchers Calculator suggest people to lose those extra pounds and ameliorate their body weight by monitoring the food points.  Click Here

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

The waist-to-hip ratio describes the body proportions. Our Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator estimates the body composition which describes the degree of abdominal obesity a person exhibits.  Click Here

Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

Waist to Height Ratio Calculator an ultimate tool to know your Waist to Height Ratio. In the current scenario, several scientific studies rely on this ratio and prefer the Waist to Height Ratio over the BMI.  Click Here

Waist to Chest Ratio & Chest to Hip Ratio Calculator

Our Waist to Chest Ratio & Chest to Hip Ratio Calculator measure the fitness level of individuals. To stay healthy regular check ups are important, just with a click you can get the result.  Click Here

Cholesterol Ratio Calculator

Using Cholesterol Ratio Calculator we can calculate cholesterol ratios like TC/HDL, LDL/HDL, TG/HDL.These ratio's play major role in screening in heart disease.  Click Here

Weight Loss by Target Date Calculator

Get tracked of your gained or lost kilograms. Weight Loss by Target Date Calculator helps you to get a progress history in your weight loss in time period and your extra or burnt calories detail.  Click Here

Fat Free Mass Index Calculator

To stay toned in Six pack abs. Get the FFMI test, Fat Free Mass Index Calculator calculates the approximate value of FFMI. It is an alternate of BMI which accumulates the both muscle and the fat mass.   Click Here

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