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Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal occurrence. But, certain changes in the color or consistency can indicate a problem. Conditions associated with abnormal vaginal discharge include yeast infection, hormonal imbalance, sexually transmitted diseases, bacterial vaginosis, etc.

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Why do I have a fishy smell in my vaginal discharge?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had a very embarrassing problem with an odd odor, and taste of my vaginal discharge. My vagina smells fishy, and the taste is somewhat acidic or "tangy." The discharge is always whitish. I have had this problem since 12 years, and it has never improved. I have recently started t...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have gone through your query and understand your concerns. It is better to have a high vaginal swab test in the laboratory as it is necessary to check the organism of infection and maintain strict hygiene. I suggest you to: Walk and exercise daily to maintain n...  Read Full »

I have been experiencing green discharge from my vagina. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had a green discharge problem for many years. Recently, I noticed a bump on the vagina opening and a cauliflower-like bump near the canal. I am scared. Could it be HPV or cancer? I am not sexually active, but auto-inoculation is a possibility. So I am scared HPV could have been ...  Read Full »

Dr. Priyadarshini Tripathy

Answer: Hello, Welcome to Vaginal discharge is quite common. But green vaginal discharge means that you have a vaginal infection. The most common causes of greenish vaginal discharge are: 1) yeast infection or vaginosis. 2) Sexually transmitted infections (STI) like trichomoniasis, gonorrhe...  Read Full »

My vagina is swollen with vaginal discharge. Why?

Query: Hello doctor, I have had a genital herpes outbreak for the last six days, but there are no visible lesions or bumps. But now my vaginal area is swollen, hot to touch, and very sensitive and painful. I have a little more discharge than usual, which makes me wonder if this has turned into a yeast infe...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I understand your concern. You are experiencing more vaginal discharge, and a swollen, and hot vagina. I suggest you do the following: 1. It is better to have high vaginal discharge to check the type of vaginal infection. 2. Follow strict local hygeine. 3. Use...  Read Full »

Why do I urinate often with vaginitis and anal itching?

Query: Hello doctor,I have frequent urination, vaginal itching, vaginal discharge (no smell) anus itching, pelvic pain, vaginitis, and lower back pain. I went to three different doctors and they said it looks like yeast or a bladder infection. They gave me medicine and it did not work. I am taking cranberr...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello, Thank you for stopping by! I am here to provide expert opinions on your medical issues. According to your description, it looks like UTI (urinary tract infection) rather than a vaginal infection. To avoid such subsequent infections you should keep that area clean and dry, change undergarmen...  Read Full »

Is foul smelling vaginal disorder suggestive of pregnancy?

Query: Hi doctor, I had my first unprotected sex several weeks ago. My periods started four days before the day I had unprotected sex. My menstrual cycle usually begins between 19 and 21 days. My next period showed up a week ago and lasted four days. It was normal, but the flow was slow. I had yellow stick...  Read Full »

Dr. Purushottam Sah

Answer: Hello, Welcome back to I understand your concern. You are not pregnant because you had your periods after intercourse. Periods can occur during pregnancy on extremely rare occasions. However, your pregnancy test is negative, indicating that you are not pregnant. The foul-smelling disc...  Read Full »

I have stomach cramps and vaginal discharge. Please help.

Query: Hi doctor, I was diagnosed with cysts on my ovaries nine months back. Still, my periods used to occur regularly every month, but last month I had a pregnancy scare as I was 18 days late on my period, but I have been experiencing bad stomach cramps since last week and have been getting a discharge.  Read Full »

Dr. Reetika

Answer: Hi, Welcome to Thanks for writing in and I understand your concern. I had gone through the images (attachments removed to protect the patient's identity). I would appreciate it if you could share the report taken nine months back, where you were diagnosed with cysts, so that I can ge...  Read Full »

How to manage creamy vaginal discharge and delayed periods?

Query: Hello doctor, I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend on the fifth day of her period (no ejaculation). She had exhaustion, continuous diarrhea, and brown-red discharge on the eighth day of her menstrual cycle after the sexual activity. On the 20th day of her menstrual cycle, we again had sex (with...  Read Full »

Dr. Rajesh Jain

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I read your query and understand your concern. As there was no ejaculation during the first intercourse and you had the second intercourse with protection, there is no chance of getting pregnant. A delay in the period may be due to some hormonal disturbances due to ...  Read Full »

My pap smear result states bacterial vaginosis. Kindly help

Query: Hello doctor, I have been experiencing abnormal greenish discharge for at least a month now. I did the pap smear and the result is out. There is a shift of flora suggestive of bacterial vaginosis, now the fungal organism's morphology is consistent with Candida spp. What would be the best thing to do...  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello, Welcome to I have read your query and understand your concern. I suggest taking antibiotics course to cure this infection. 1. Take a tablet of Doxycycline (Lactose monohydrate, yellow iron oxide) 100 mg twice daily. 2. Tablet Metronidazole (Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Hypromellose...  Read Full »

I have white bits in the vagina after placing the Mirena coil.

Query: Hello doctor, I am 20 years old, weigh around 63 kg, and have a height of measure 5 feet 3 inches. I am currently on Mirena coil (Levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device). I recently had my copper coil (Paragard) removed and replaced with the Mirena coil for lighter periods. Right before my per...  Read Full »

Dr. Uzma Arqam

Answer: Hello, Welcome to The white vaginal discharge could be due to candidiasis, or for some reason like ovulation, excitement, or fertilization can cause an increase in vaginal discharge. In normal vaginal secretions, there is normal vaginal flora balancing the pH of the vaginal secretions...  Read Full »

I am experiencing yellowish-white vaginal discharge and have a frequent urge to pee. What should I do?

Query: Hello doctor, I am experiencing whitish-yellowish vaginal discharge, and itching. frequently although it is not new, there is a constant urge to pee. Kindly help.  Read Full »

Dr. Sanap Sneha Umrao

Answer: Hello, Welcome to According to your description, you may have a vaginal discharge or a urinary tract infection. You should take an antibiotic course to treat this. I suggest you take the following medications. Tablet. Doxycycline (antibiotics)100 mg twice daily. Tablet Metronidazole (an...  Read Full »

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