Becker Nevus

Becker Nevus
Body Parts: Whole Body
Medical Subjects: Skin

What Is A Becker Nevus

What is Becker nevus disease?

Becker nevus, also known as Becker melanosis, is a benign skin hamartoma that occurs in the epidermis or dermis. The disease is often a tan mark from birth, but there are many patients who show it only during adolescence. It only affects the aesthetics, and laser treatment can be selected if necessary, but it is prone to relapse.

Are there many people with Becker nevus?

Becker nevus is not uncommon.


What Is The Cause Of Becker Nevus

How does a Becker nevus form?

The mechanism of Becker nevus is not clear yet. Its occurrence may be related to heredity and gene mutation. Meanwhile, studies have shown that androgen stimulation may be a factor in the pathogenesis。

Who are susceptible to Becker nevus?

Because its pathogenesis is still unclear, its susceptible population is not well defined. But we found that people with a family history were more likely to have becker nevus than people without a family history.

Does Becker nevus meet heredity?

The heredity of Becker nevus is currently unclear, but there are some reports of familial cases, so it may be hereditary.


What Are The Symptoms Of Becker Nevus

What are the common manifestations of Becker nevus?

Becker nevus are usually brown patches with irregular borders and often grow on the shoulders and upper trunk. In addition, hairy lesions are observed in many patients.

Is Becker nevus a birthmark?

Becker nevus can occur at birth, but there are many patients who develop or become apparent only during adolescence.

Does Becker nevus can grow bigger?

Becker nevi generally do not resolve spontaneously but may gradually increase in size.

What are the adverse consequences of a Becker nevus?

The first adverse consequence of a Becker nevus is its aesthetic impact on the patient. People with Becker nevi often have hirsutism or leiomyohamartoma. Very few patients will be accompanied by developmental abnormalities such as breast or pectoralis major muscle hypoplasia.

Does Becker nevus meet canceration?

Becker nevus generally do not become cancerous.


How To Check For Becker Nevus

What additional check are required for Becker moles?

Patients with this condition undergo a clinical physical examination for developmental abnormalities such as bone abnormalities.

What diseases are Becker nevus easily confused with? How to separate?

  • Coffee spots: The manifestations were mostly brown patches of milk, the number of which could be one or more, scattered in the distribution, with a clear boundary. The face and trunk were more common.

  • Congenital pigmented nevus: It can present as brown or black macula with a scattered distribution. Diagnosis can be confirmed by skin biopsy.


How To Prevent Becker Nevus

Can Becker nevus be prevented?


The mechanism of Beck's nevus is still not clear, so targeted prevention cannot be carried out.


How Is Becker Nevus Treated

Which department should Becker nevus see?


Does Becker nevus need treatment?

If you don't mind the aesthetic impact of Becker nevus, you can skip treatment. Treatment is recommended if aesthetics are seriously compromised or are highly desirable.

What treatment does Becker nevus have?

At present, Becker nevus is mostly treated by laser.

Laser therapy works well, but usually requires several treatments, with the possibility of recurrence and the appearance of pigmentation or hypopigmentation.


What Should Becker Nevus Patient Notice In Life

Do people with Becker nevus need to pay special attention to in life?

Don't irritate Becker nevus, such as repeatedly scratching.

What should the person of Becker mole notice on food and drink?

There is no special taboo on diet, and a healthy and balanced diet is enough.

Does Becker nevus affect your normal life, study and work?

It may have an impact on the aesthetic appearance of the patient's skin, but it has little impact on life, study and work.

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