Cancer Pain

Cancer Pain
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What Is Cancer Pain

Cancer pain refers to the pain caused by tumor compression and invasion of related tissues and nerves, which is one of the common clinical symptoms of cancer. In the early stage of cancer, the incidence of cancer pain is low because the tumor is still small and generally has no metastasis. However, in the late stage of cancer, the focus is larger, which constantly infiltrates into nearby tissues and organs, and often has distant metastasis such as bone marrow. Therefore, the incidence of cancer pain is greatly increased. Cancer pain is mostly persistent pain, which is aggravated with the enlargement of the focus. Pain can be roughly divided into two types: one is localized and locatable. The other is diffuse type, with unclear pain position.


What Is The Cause Of Cancer Pain

Cancer, cancer-related lesions and pain caused by anti-cancer treatment.


What Symptom Does Cancer Pain Have

Chronic pain is a common symptom of cancer patients.


How To Prevent Cancer Pain

Strengthening the prevention and treatment of cancer is the fundamental way to prevent cancer pain. Cancer pain treatment is as important as tumor treatment, which can not only enhance the effect of tumor treatment, improve patients' quality of life, and prolong their survival period, but also enable cancer patients to walk the final journey of life with dignity in a relatively painless state. During the treatment of cancer pain, cancer patients can reasonably supplement selenium, which can effectively relieve the pain caused by cancer.


How To Treat Cancer Pain

1. Surgery can effectively treat cancer pain, improve the quality of life and relieve pain.

2. With chemotherapy, most solid tumors can relieve cancer pain through effective chemotherapy. The purpose of advanced cancer treatment is not to cure diseases, but to reduce tumor cell recombination, relieve cancer pain and ensure patients' quality of life.

3. Using radiotherapy, the analgesic effect of radiotherapy is undoubted and can be said to be immediate.

4. Molecular targeted therapy, the typical cancer is advanced small cell lung cancer, which has bone metastasis and cancer pain, and drugs through molecular targeted therapy can effectively relieve cancer pain.

5. Endocrine therapy, its typical cancer case is breast cancer.

6. Analgesic drug treatment, the medical treatment principle emphasized is three steps to relieve pain.

7. Physical therapy.


What Are The Complications Of Cancer Pain

Cancer pain seriously affects the rest and sleep quality of cancer patients, and brings great mental and physical pain to cancer patients. Pain is a kind of torture to cancer patients and their families. If cancer pain can not be effectively controlled, it will affect the sleep quality of cancer patients, which will make their appetite rise and their immunity decline. If chronic severe pain is not relieved, it will develop into intractable pain and become a disease, even one of the causes of cancer patients' suicide.

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