Centipede Bite (The Centipede Sting)

Centipede Bite
Body Parts: Whole Body
Medical Subjects: Skin

How Do Centipedes Bite?

The centipede has many pairs of feet. The two forefoot ends have hook-shaped poisonous claws, which communicate with the glands in the body through a duct. The poisonous claws penetrate the skin and discharge venom, causing a poisoning reaction.

Are centipedes poisonous?

Centipede has poisonous claws and can secrete venom. This venom can cause skin damage and systemic symptoms (fever, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, palpitations, convulsions, etc.).


Why Do Centipedes "bite" People?

Centipedes are carnivorous insects, regardless of their size, have the habit of actively attacking humans, so if you see centipedes at home, you must take the initiative to kill them.


After Being Bitten By A Centipede, What Will The Wound Behave Like?

After being "bitten" by a centipede, two petechiae can be found in the wound. After that, the skin is swollen, burning, and painful. Some may have skin necrosis.


How To Prevent Being Stung By Centipedes?

Sprinkling quicklime in the wet corners of the house can prevent centipedes from infesting. When working in the dark, be prepared for protection.

Where do centipedes appear?

Centipedes are often found in dark and damp places, such as wall corners, brick cracks, gutters, under tree bark, and weeds.


How To Deal With Centipede "bite" Injury?

If the bite is found, immediately wash the affected area with soap and water to remove the poison as soon as possible. Apply an alkaline solution (5%-10% baking soda solution) to the affected area to neutralize the acidic venom. Ice can relieve pain.

If the redness, swelling and pain are obvious, you should seek medical treatment in time. Some patients even need tetanus injection, and the doctor will deal with it according to the specific situation.


How To Diagnose Whether It Is A Centipede Bite?

According to the medical history and clinical characteristics, it is generally not difficult to diagnose, but it is necessary to distinguish it from a snake bite. The two are sometimes difficult to distinguish only from the clinical symptoms.

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