Contagious Soft Wart

Contagious Soft Wart
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What Is Infectious Soft Wart

What disease is contagious soft wart?

Infectious soft wart is a skin disease caused by infectious soft wart virus, which can be spread through direct contact, sexual contact and contact with pollutants.

It is mainly characterized by multiple small papules on the skin with a small depression at the top, and the papules may have a waxy luster and some may extrude a cheese-like substance (molluscum).

Molluscum infectious can heal itself, or it can choose not to treat it, and wait for it to resolve on its own. Or, in order to avoid the inconvenience or discomfort caused by skin lesions, we can choose the corresponding treatment.

Curettage of the lesion by the physician with a curette is one of the common treatments, but the treatment should be performed in a regular medical institution.

After treatment, there is usually no scar left and care should be taken not to scratch it to make it broken.


What Is The Cause Of Infectious Soft Wart

Which population of infectious soft wart is easier to get?

The disease is caused by viral infection and is easily acquired by people with low body immunity, such as children, tumor patients, AIDS, organ transplantation, and people taking immunosuppressive agents.

What way is contagious soft wart virus transmitted?

The virus is transmitted through contact, sexual contact, and exposure to contaminants. In addition, the virus can be autoinoculated on the patient's skin (a lesion is spread to other sites by rubbing or scratching).

Can infectious soft wart be infected by swimming in public swimming pools?

It is not contagious to swim normally in a public swimming pool without close contact with the patient.

Can infectious soft wart pass sexual contact to spread?

Molluscum contagiosum can be transmitted through sexual contact, and some genital lesions may be infected through sexual contact, but not all genital molluscum contagiosum is infected through sexual contact.

How does the infectious soft wart of children always grow new?

  • Molluscum contagiosum is contagious, and certain undetected warts can continue to spread on their own;
  • Children's weak control ability, like scratching, easy to cause self repeated transmission.

It is recommended that children wear gloves when sleeping, so that calamine liquid can be applied externally to the itchy parts to relieve itching, avoid repeated grabbing by children with hands and speed up self-cure.


What Symptom Does Infectious Soft Wart Have

Infectious soft wart is good hair in what part?

Molluscum infectious can occur in any part of the body surface, generally more than in the trunk, limbs, scapular region, scrotum, anus and other parts.

What does infectious soft wart look like?

It presented as multiple small papules on the skin with a small depression at the top, and the papules could have a waxy luster and some could extrude a cheese-like substance (molluscum).


How To Check For Molluscum Contagiosum

What are the characteristics of infectious soft wart?

First, it is common in children. The bumps, the size of rice grains, can gradually increase to the size of a grayish white soybean with a waxy luster and a small depression in the center, which can extrude a cheese-like substance.

The number changes from less to more, and it can exist dispersedly or be distributed in clusters. When the number increases, attention should be paid to promptly visiting a regular facility.

Does contagious soft wart need to do what check to assist diagnosis?

The skin expression of infectious soft wart is typical, need not do special examination commonly, experienced doctor can diagnose according to skin expression. A few special cases, may need to do pathological examination (outpatient small surgery to take tissue sent to the department of pathology laboratory examination).

Does infectious soft wart happen in genital area mean to got venereal disease (syphilis, aids) at the same time?

Genital molluscum infectious may be transmitted by sexual contact, if there is no unprotected sex, you don't have to worry about the existence of sexually transmitted diseases. If there is no protective behavior, worried about sexually transmitted diseases, should go to the hospital to do related tests.


How To Prevent Infectious Soft Wart

How does infectious soft wart prevent?

  • Timely treatment of suspected skin damage;

  • Find infectious soft wart damage, avoid by all means scratching, lest the virus spread;

  • Preventive measures should be taken during sexual contact.


How To Treat Infectious Soft Wart

Which department does contagious soft wart go to see a doctor?

Molluscum contagiosum is easy to diagnose, and relevant diagnosis and treatment can be carried out in the dermatology department of general hospital.

How does infectious soft wart treat?

In patients with normal immune function, the skin lesions often resolve spontaneously within two months, and the infection is often completely cleared within six to twelve months. In a few cases, the lesion lasts for 3 to 5 years.

Because infectious soft wart is self-limited and can self-heal, no treatment can be selected.

If the inconvenience and discomfort caused by skin lesions are considered, some treatment measures may be taken. Physical removal of the lesion with a curette is one of the commonly used treatments. Please go to a regular medical institution for treatment.

Will contagious soft wart leave scar after regression?

The lesion is mainly located in the epidermis, which is shallower than the epidermis. It may form a scar after self-regression, but most lesions of molluscum contagiosum do not leave a scar after recovery.

Also should pay attention to avoid to dig, grasp, cause autologous transmission or infection, infection if deep, damage the dermis may leave a scar.

Can contagious soft wart grow again after cure?

Such as re-infection with infectious soft wart virus, may be re-onset, and therefore should be well prevented.


What Should Infectious Soft Wart Patient Notice In Life

Can infectious soft wart patient rub bath?


The disease can be transmitted to the skin itself, changing from one lesion to multiple lesions. Rub bath can promote the spread of the disease in their own skin, and if the public rub bath towel, it is possible to infect others, so it is best not to rub bath.

What does infectious soft wart patient need to notice on food?

Don't need special attention, nutrition balance.

Infectious soft wart scratched broken how to do that?

First of all, found on the body similar to the skin lesions of molluscum contagiosum, should be timely to the dermatology department for diagnosis and treatment, avoid by all means to dig grasp. If you scratch it carelessly, you should apply antibiotic ointment (Baidobang, fusidic acid, etc.) and timely treat it after the infection subsides.

Can children with infectious soft wart go to school normally? Need quarantine?

If children have no symptoms, they do not need treatment and can go to school normally without isolation.

If children have pruritus, the children are easy to grasp by hand, and the pruritus is easy to spread after being grasped, so the calamine liquid medicine can be externally applied for relieving itching, avoiding repetition and accelerating self-healing.

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