Glossy Moss

Glossy Moss

What Is Glossy Lichen

What is glossy moss?

This is a relatively rare skin disease. It mainly showed some dome-shaped "small particles" of about 1 mm distributed evenly on the skin surface. Generally speaking, the color is lighter than the surrounding compound color and appears white.

It can appear in addition to the head and face, almost anywhere in the body. It is more likely to occur in the limbs, trunk and penis, and less likely to occur in the palms of hands, armpits and mouth. The majority of cases of lichen planus are confined to a small area of skin, but very few also develop generalized hair.

Is glossy moss contagious?

The disease is not contagious, it's not contagious. However, a special phenomenon in this disease is called "homotypic reaction" or "Koebner phenomenon", which means that when a patient's healthy skin is injured by acupuncture, scratch or trauma, the injured skin may grow some new glossy moss.


What Is The Aetiology Of Lustrous Moss Tinea

What is the common cause of glossy moss?

The cause of the disease is still not clear, which may be related to some other diseases such as lichen planus and Crohn's disease.


What Symptom Does Lustrous Moss Tinea Have

What symptom can glossy moss have?

Generally there is no conscious discomfort, and about 10% of people will feel a little itching in the area where glossy moss occurs.


How To Check For Lichen Gloss

What check does diagnose lustrous moss need to do?

Some skin diseases are similar to lichen planus and need to be distinguished, such as lichen sclerosus et atrophicus and lichen planus.

Skin endoscopy is generally used or further skin pathological examination is performed.


How To Prevent Glossy Lichen

Can glossy moss be prevented?

Because the cause of the disease is currently unclear, it cannot be effectively prevented, and even a visit to a dermatologist is most important if one suspects that one has glossy moss.


How Is Lustrous Moss Tinea Treated

How is lustrous moss treated?

Most glossy mosses resolve spontaneously within a year or more. It is mainly used for external application with glucocorticoid ointment (such as dexamethasone ointment) and oral antihistamines (such as cetirizine). In case of generalized alopecia, the patient can receive systemic ultraviolet phototherapy.


What Should Glossy Lichen Patient Notice In Life

What does lustrous moss need to notice in daily life?

There is not much need to pay attention to, diet habits do not affect the disease. The only care that may be needed is not to scratch the skin if the diagnosis of lichen planus is confirmed and treatment is ongoing to avoid trauma and the aforementioned "homotypic reaction" leading to increased skin lesions.

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