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What Is Keloid

What is keloid?

Keloid is a pathological condition in which the skin overreacts in the process of self-repair after trauma, certain mechanical stimulation (such as scratching, scratching, etc.), or certain inflammatory diseases. It is mainly characterized by the proliferation of a large number of fibroblasts and the synthesis of collagen.

Keloids can cause impaired function and appearance, and often lead to decreased quality of life for patients. The treatment of keloids is difficult, and the commonly used ones include blocking therapy, drug therapy and surgery.

Is keloid common?


What are the types of keloids?

The disease can be divided into two categories, primary keloids and secondary keloids.

  • Primary keloid: It usually occurs on the chest or back. It starts as a red rash with itchy sensation, and then gradually changes from small to large and from soft to hard, showing a reddish or dark red color in different shapes.

  • Secondary keloids: Also known as hypertrophic scars or hypertrophic scars. It is often secondary to trauma and certain inflammatory skin diseases, such as folliculitis and acne.


What Is The Cause Of Keloid

What is the cause of keloid?

After the skin suffers from trauma and certain mechanical stimulation (such as scratching and scratching) or is secondary to certain inflammatory diseases, the connective tissues in the skin respond to trauma beyond the normal range when the skin repairs itself.

Some people have the tendency to easily form the disease or family tendency, which is commonly known as "scar constitution". The mechanism of this condition has not yet been clarified, and further research is needed.

Which person is keloid common in?

Those with familial predisposition or those born with "scar constitution".

Does keloid explain scar constitution?

Yes Only people with "scar constitution" can suffer from excessive self-repair and healing of skin to form keloids in specific parts, such as chest, back, and neck, under trauma or certain stimulation.

Can keloid infect?

It's not contagious.

Can keloid heredity?

There is a certain degree of heredity, and according to research, 25% of patients with keloids have a familial genetic predisposition.


What Symptom Does Keloid Have

What is keloid like? What discomfort can keloid cause?

Common performance for the skin is higher than the skin surface of the solid uplift rash, pale red or red, hard, smooth surface and can see fine capillary expansion, after sustainable or intermittent growth for months or years, forming an irregular appearance, sometimes such as crab-like.

The main sites of incidence were chest and back, upper arms and buttocks. In female patients, the pierced ears were also observed.

Different degrees of itching and pain can be caused by local friction, compression, climate and other factors.

Keloid is easy to happen in which part?

Chest and back, upper arms and buttocks, and ear piercing in female patients.

What harm does keloid have? Will it become cancerous?

Due to local friction, compression or climate factors can produce different degrees of itching pain, some patients can only because of wearing clothes will cause pain, at the same time the disease also affect the aesthetic. Some skin rashes can develop cancer, but the probability is relatively small.


How To Check For Keloids

How is keloid diagnosed? Do you need a check-up?

The diagnosis can be made according to the development characteristics and clinical manifestations of typical skin rash of the disease. If a clear history of trauma and other inflammation is more helpful for the diagnosis, no special examination is generally required. Skin histopathological examination can be performed in cases that are difficult to be diagnosed and in cases where the possibility of malignant transformation is suspected.

In the early stage, hypertrophic scar and keloid cannot be distinguished. Two to three months later, the further manifestation of keloid can explain the course of disease in the future. If it is keloid, it is easy to be provoked and excessively sensitive. Even clothes compression can cause pain. Its surface became shiny and round, and the extent of damage extended beyond the area of the original wound.

If these manifestations develop further, the diagnosis can be confirmed, and without these manifestations there is still the possibility of spontaneous degeneration, with hypertrophic scars taking precedence over keloids.

Why should keloid do pathological examination? What are the precautions for pathological examination?

As pathological examination is the gold standard for the diagnosis of this disease, pathological examination can be considered as appropriate for cases that are difficult to diagnose or suspect the possibility of malignant transformation to further help the diagnosis.

Do pathological examination, need to be carried out in a regular hospital, the examination does not need special preparation, pay attention to after the examination, the wound can't touch water in a short period of time, at the same time, need to follow the doctor's advice for routine dressing and stitches.

Which diseases are keloid easily confused with? What's the difference?

Keloids also need to be distinguished from dermatofibroma, sarcoidosis cicatrix and other diseases, but it is difficult for patients to distinguish them by themselves, and further differentiation needs to be made after seeing a professional dermatologist in a regular hospital. Sometimes for patients who cannot be diagnosed clinically, pathological examination is required to differentiate them.


How To Prevent Keloid

Can keloid be prevented?

Primary keloid cannot be prevented. Secondary keloids can be prevented, the main prevention method is:

  • Avoid trauma as much as possible;

  • Avoid mosquito bites, vaccination, ear piercing, eyebrow tattoo, acupuncture injury, etc.;

  • Try not to drink alcohol on the diet, try not to eat spicy excitant food.

How does keloid prevent to grow up?

Try to avoid scratching. It is recommended to visit a dermatologist in a regular hospital in time if you have keloids.


How To Treat Keloid

Which department can keloid see?

Dermatology or plastic surgery department, be sure to go to a regular hospital.

Can keloid disappear by oneself? Can keloid not treat?

Keloid cannot disappear by oneself commonly. No symptoms or no increased rash in the short term can also be treated.

How does keloid treat?

The main treatment methods of the disease include local sealing (local injection of corticosteroids), liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, audio electrotherapy, local radiation therapy, and silicon gel external application therapy. Surgical resection should be avoided if other treatment options are available during the treatment. If surgical treatment is necessary, radiotherapy or partial closure should be combined after the operation.

What side effect does remedial drug of keloid have?

Since the most common treatment of the disease is local occlusion (local injection of corticosteroids), the most common side effects are skin atrophy, telangiectasia, etc. at the keloid rash. Long-term partial closure of some patients will also appear other side effects of glucocorticoids, such as full moon face, concentric obesity, aggravating or inducing diabetes, hypertension, etc.

What are the common risks of surgical treatment of keloids?

The recurrence rate is extremely high after simple surgical resection of keloids. Therefore, surgical resection should be avoided as much as possible during the treatment. If surgical treatment is necessary, radiation therapy or partial closure is required after the operation.

How much does keloid remove probably want?

Charges vary according to the size and morphology of the rash and the treatment options available in different hospitals. Because each patient has a different rash, the charges are different.

Does keloid need regular reexamination?

Need. Reexamination plan should be determined after doctor's face-to-face treatment, and regular reexamination should be conducted according to the treatment plan.

Is keloid used the dispel scar product on the market effective?

Some scar removal products have a certain effect on the early scar formation, but are generally ineffective for formed keloids.

Can keloid be cured completely?

If the rash area is small and treatment is timely, the prognosis is good and the disease can be completely cured; however, there is still the risk of recurrence in the future.


What Should Keloid Patient Notice In Life

What does keloid person need to notice on diet?

There is no special taboo on diet, and a healthy and balanced diet is enough.

  • Pay attention to less salt when cooking, less oil, less high salt seasoning, eat less pickled vegetables, pickled meat, etc.;

  • Don't only eat refined rice and white flour as the main food; coarse grains, miscellaneous beans, potatoes, and pumpkins can be used to replace some of the main food.

  • Reasonable collocation of meat and vegetable, meat preferred chicken, duck, fish and other white meat, eat less fat, eggs, milk is an important source of protein and other nutrients;

  • If you are a vegetarian, you can eat more beans and soy products to supplement protein;

  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables;

  • Try not to drink.

What should keloid person notice in life?

  • Avoid trauma stimulation as much as possible;

  • People with "scar constitution" should try to avoid mosquito bites, vaccination, ear piercing, eyebrow tattoo, acupuncture injury, etc.;

  • If an enlarged or recurrent rash is found, seek medical attention promptly.

Can people with keloids travel to the plateau by plane?

Sure. The engine room of a civil airliner is sealed, and the internal pressure is basically the same as the ground pressure, so it will not cause the rupture of keloid skin and will not affect the flight.

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