Pityriasis Albicans

Pityriasis Albicans
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What Is Pityriasis White

What disease is white pityriasis?

Pityriasis alba, also known as simple pityriasis or dry pityriasis of face, is a pityriasis skin disease mainly occurring in children and teenagers aged 3–16 years old, which mostly occurs in the face and neck. It is mainly characterized by patchy hypopigmentation. The size of the lesion ranges from 0.5~5 cm in diameter, with clear but slightly irregular boundary and fine scales.

Lesions are usually asymptomatic but may be accompanied by pruritus. Most patients present after sun exposure, when the contrast between the affected and unaffected areas is more pronounced due to the tan. The disease generally does not require special treatment and will gradually improve. Topical medication recovers more quickly and generally does not affect the patient's quality of life.

Is pityriasis white common?

This disease is very common, especially in children and adolescents.


What Is The Cause Of Pityriasis Alba

What is the cause of pityriasis alba?

The disease is currently thought to be a post-inflammatory hypopigmentation's stain associated with sun exposure, excessive washing, and atopic dermatitis.

Who is pityriasis white common in?

Because the disease is associated with sun exposure, excessive washing, and atopic dermatitis, individuals who are prone to sun exposure, excessive washing of the skin, and atopic dermatitis are susceptible to pityriasis albicans.

Is pityriasis white contagious?

It's not contagious.

Does white pityriasis meet heredity?

Not hereditary.


What Symptom Does White Pityriasis Have

What are the common manifestations of pityriasis albicans?

The main manifestation is single or multiple white hypopigmentation plaques, which mostly occur in the face and neck, upper trunk, upper arm, thigh and other areas, and the boundary is often unclear. May be accompanied by pruritus.

What serious consequences can pityriasis white cause?

  • First of all, pityriasis albicans often occurs in the exposed areas such as the face and neck. It takes a long time for pigment recovery in many patients, and affects the aesthetics to a certain extent.

  • Secondly, the disease is often considered as "wormspot", and excessive treatment for deworming may have an impact on the health of patients.


How To Check For Pityriasis Alba

How is pityriasis white diagnosed?

An experienced dermatologist can make a diagnosis by observing the rash. Mycological examination as well as Wood's lamp examination can assist in the diagnosis and exclusion of other diseases.

Why does white pityriasis want to do afore-mentioned examination?

  • Fungal microscopy:  Some scales on the skin lesion were scraped, and the operation was non-invasive and painless. Microscopic examination of the fungi allows the doctor to observe directly under the microscope the dander for the presence of fungi, which can take about 20 minutes to produce a result. In order to improve the accuracy of the examination, we recommend that external drugs, especially antifungal drugs, be avoided for at least 3–5 days before the examination. Generally, pityriasis albicans is negative on fungal examination. Microscopic examination of fungi can exclude diseases such as tinea corporis and tinea versicolor.

  • Wood light check(wood light): The examination was non-invasive and painless by irradiating the skin with a wood lamp, and the results could be obtained in a few minutes. Pityriasis albicans has no distinctive fluorescent appearance at wood's lamp. Wood lamp examination can rule out diseases such as vitiligo.

What disease is pityriasis white easily confused with? What's the difference?

  • Vitiligo: Vitiligo is manifested as complete depigmentation of the skin rash, and the color is whiter. It can occur in any part of the body, and it shows porcelain-white fluorescence under wood lamp. Pityriasis albicans is manifested as hypopigmentation patches, which is not as white as the vitiligo rash. It generally occurs in the face and neck, upper trunk and upper limb. There is no special fluorescence under wood light.

  • Tinea corporis or tinea versicolor: It may present as hypopigmentation's patches, with many desquamation, and a positive fungal examination.


How To Prevent Pityriasis Alba

How does white pityriasis prevent?

  • Pay attention to sun protection;

  • Avoid excessive cleaning;

  • Pay attention to skin moisturizing.


How Is Pityriasis White Treated

Which department should you see for pityriasis albicans?


Does pityriasis albicans need to be treated? Can white pityriasis oneself good?

Pityriasis albicans is a self-limiting disease that can be treated without special treatment. Over time, most people will gradually get better and disappear, but it may take months or even years.

How is pityriasis white treated?

Pityriasis albicans can be gradually recovered over time without special treatment. But with external medications, recovery is faster.

  • Weak hormones such as Desonide can be used in the trunk, limbs and other parts once or twice a day to promote diplopia.

  • Thin and tender parts such as the face and neck can be treated with calmodulin inhibitors such as tacrolimus once or twice a day to promote discoloration.

How long does white pityriasis want to ability generally good?

Pityriasis albicans may take months to years to resolve.

What are the common side effects of drug treatment of pityriasis white?

  • Topical hormone ointment is relatively safe, and its maximum efficacy can be achieved after standardized use. Adverse reactions generally occur in patients who use ointment for a long time or irregularly, and may cause skin atrophy, thinning, telangiectasia, pigmentation, increased risk of infection, and other side effects.

  • The main adverse reactions of external application of calcineurin inhibitor ointment are the frequent occurrence of stimulation symptoms such as redness and burning sensation during the initial treatment, and a small amount of evidence indicates that long-term use has the risk of increasing the risk of lymphoma.

Does white pityriasis have sequela?

Generally there is no sequela.

Can white pityriasis be cured completely? Will it recur?

Pityriasis albicans can be completely cured, but some patients may relapse again after solarization.


What Should The Patient Of Pityriasis Alba Notice In Life

What should the patient of white pityriasis notice on diet?

Patients with pityriasis albicans have no special taboo on diet, and a healthy and balanced diet is enough.

  • Pay attention to less salt when cooking, less oil, less high salt seasoning, eat less pickled vegetables, pickled meat, etc.

  • Don't only eat refined rice and white flour as the main food; coarse grains, miscellaneous beans, potatoes, and pumpkins can be used to replace some of the main food.

  • Reasonable collocation of meat and vegetable, meat preferred chicken, duck, fish and other white meat, eat less fat, eggs, milk is an important source of protein and other nutrients.

  • If you are a vegetarian, you can eat more beans and soy products to supplement protein.

  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

What should the patient of pityriasis white notice in life?

  • Pay attention to the sunscreen in the affected area and the surrounding area. Use sunscreen or wear a hat and mask.

  • Avoid excessive cleaning and hot water scalding.

  • Pay attention to skin moisturizing, you can wipe more moisturizing cream.

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