Poisoning By Sleeping Pills (Hypnotic Poisoning,Poisoning With Hypnotic,)

Poisoning By Sleeping Pills
Body Parts: Whole Body
Medical Subjects: Digestive System

What Is Hypnotic Poisoning

Drugs or other measures have a broad inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, resulting in sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant effects. Different doses of drugs have different clinical effects: using small doses of sedatives can calm, relieve and eliminate patients' excitement, anxiety and other symptoms. Moderate dose can maintain normal sleep. The use of large doses has anticonvulsant and anesthetic effects.


What Is The Cause Of Hypnotic Poisoning

Take too many sleeping pills by mistake or for other reasons.


What Symptom Does Hypnotic Poison Have

1. Symptoms of nervous system: dizziness, loss of memory, lethargy, ataxia, loss of consciousness, loss of tendon reflex, coma, convulsion, dilated pupils and loss of response to light in severe cases.

2. The respiratory rate of respiratory and circulatory system is slow and regular in the early stage, and then slow and irregular in the later stage. In severe cases, dyspnea, cyanosis, accelerated pulse, decreased blood pressure, oliguria and circulatory failure.

3. Skin rash, nausea, vomiting and constipation can be seen.

4. A patient who takes more sleeping pills for a long time and fails to find them can lead to death.

Poisoning Degree Grade

Mild Poisoning: drowsiness, impaired judgment and orientation, unstable gait, unclear speech and nystagmus. All kinds of reflexes exist, and body temperature, pulse, respiration and blood pressure are normal.

Moderate Poisoning: shallow coma, can wake up with strong stimulation, can not answer questions, and quickly enter coma. Tendon reflex disappeared, breathing was shallow and slow, blood pressure remained normal, corneal reflex and pharyngeal reflex existed.

Severe Poisoning: deep coma, early muscular tension of limbs, hyperreflexia of tendon and positive pathological reflex. In the later stage, the muscles of the whole body were flaccid and various reflexes disappeared. The pupil responds to light, and the pupil is sometimes dilated and sometimes narrowed. Breathing is shallow and slow, irregular or tidal. Pulse is fine, blood pressure drops.


How To Check Whether Have Hypnotic Poisoning

Examination of nervous system.


How To Prevent Hypnotic Poisoning

The prevention of sleeping pills poisoning mainly lies in that all sleeping pills should have the description of drug name and dosage, and should be kept properly. Please keep sleeping pills out of reach of children and teenagers to avoid taking them by mistake.


How To Treat Hypnotic Poison

Treatment Principles: gastric lavage, catharsis, oxygen inhalation, infusion and detoxification.

Treatment Plan:

1. 6-12 hours after taking the sleeping pills should be gastric lavage.

2. Give magnesium sulfate cathartic.

3. Oxygen inhalation for 3-4 L/Min.

4. Application of awakening agent: Nikethamide.

5. Dilute 50mg of Bemegride (Megimide) in 10% glucose in 10ml, and then inject it intravenously, or dilute 200-300 mg of Bemegride (Megimide) in 10% glucose, and then use slow intravenous drip.

6. Appropriate administration of mannitol or furosemide and micturition can reduce intracranial pressure.

7. Patients with severe coma and anuria can be treated with kidney dialysis.


How To Identify Hypnotic Poisoning

Differentiate from carbon monoxide poisoning.


What Are The Complications Of Hypnotic Poisoning

In severe cases, inhibition of blood cells and damage to liver and kidney function may occur.

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