Sweat Herpes (Sweating Non-benign Eczema)

Sweat Herpes
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What Is Herpes Simplex

What is herpes simplex?

Sweat herpes, also known as sweaty eczema, is essentially a special form of eczema. It is mainly characterized by blisters on the hands and/or feet, which are recurrent, with marked pruritus and sometimes a burning sensation. According to the name of the disease, it is thought by most people to be related to sweating, but in fact it is not related to sweating.

Is sweat herpes common?

It is common, and the specific illness situation is not very clear. Data suggest that 5 to 20 out of every 100 people are ill.


What Is The Cause Of Herpes Simplex

Is the attack of sweat herpes season concerned?

The onset of herpes simplex is related to the season. Sweat herpes generally begins in late spring and early summer. It is most serious in summer. When the weather turns cold, the disease becomes milder. In winter, it basically does not occur.

What is the cause of herpes simplex?

The exact cause of herpes simplex is not entirely clear, but it may be related to these factors:

  • History of atopic dermatitis;
  • Fungal infection in other parts induces inflammatory reactions;
  • Smoking;
  • Mental factors (such as anxiety, staying up late, etc.);
  • Contact with allergens (metals such as nickel).

What age group does sweat herpes common in?

Sweat herpes is in the majority in young adults.

May the onset of herpes simplex be caused by mental factors?

Some mental factors may lead to the onset of herpes simplex, so patients need to ensure sleep, take soothing exercise, and seek family help to reasonably reduce pressure. Patients with severe anxiety may take sedatives orally under the guidance of a doctor, and when the effect is not good or the adjustment is not good, help from a mental or psychological specialist may be sought.

Can sweat herpes infect?

The essence of sweat herpes is eczema, not infection, so it will not be contagious.

Can sweat herpes pass on to offspring?

There are few reports of a family gathering that is not hereditary. However, even if suffering from herpes simplex is not a serious problem, and herpes simplex treatment can be effectively relieved, do not worry too much.


What Symptom Does Sweat Herpes Have?

What expression does sweat herpes have?

Sweat herpes, also known as sweat blister eczema, is a recurrent vesicular skin disease.

The site of onset is often in the skin of the palm/sole and fingers/toes, and is typically characterized by numerous rice-to mung bean-sized blisters.

Blisters of herpes simplex have the following characteristics:

  • Blisters usually occur in groups and symmetrically on the left and right limbs.
  • The blister is thick in wall and contains clear blister fluid, which may be accompanied by varying degrees of pruritus or a burning sensation.
  • Blisters generally do not rupture themselves, after 2 to 3 weeks will dry peeling, revealing thin tender skin, then may feel pain.
  • In severe cases, the blisters fuse and become larger.
  • Herpes simplex recurs and sometimes the old blister does not heal and the new blister starts again.

If do not treat sweat herpes, can what serious consequence have?

If the sweat herpes is not treated, the pruritus is often obvious and it is easy to affect the normal work and life. In addition, peeling after the thin and tender skin can cause pain, broken skin where there is the risk of infection. However, in general, herpes simplex is not a disability disease, and there will be no serious consequences if it is not treated. Some patients recover spontaneously after several years of attack.

Can sweat herpes have sequela?

There is no sequela after the treatment of herpes simplex.


How To Check For Herpes Simplex

What check does sweat herpes need to do to diagnose?

If the medical history is clear and the manifestations are typical, no other laboratory tests are usually required for the diagnosis of herpes simplex, but tests may be performed to explore the causes and precipitating factors, such as fungal tests, trichophyton skin tests (both tests are also used for reference in the identification of tinea manuum and pedis and tinea pedis rash), and allergen tests.

Does sweat herpes look like prickly heat?

Sweat herpes doesn't look like prickly heat.

Prickly heat is caused by blocked sweating, shorter duration, performance for the dense small particles, pruritus is not serious, easy to happen in the upper body, almost won't appear in the hands and feet.

Which diseases can herpes simplex easily be confused with?

Herpes simplex is easily confused with tinea manuum and pedis (vesicular type), tinea pedis rash, and keratolysis exfoliativa, and requires a doctor to identify them. Initial differentiation may be made with reference to the following:

  • Vesicular tinea manus and pedis: tinea manus and tinea pedis is also more common in hot weather, especially when it is damp, sweaty and airtight, there can be only tinea pedis, or tinea manus and tinea pedis can be found first. Vesicular tinea manus and pedis disease site and herpes simplex is not the same, in addition tinea manus and pedis fungi generally positive.
  • Tinea pedis rash: This disease is caused by fungi after infection of the skin, causing damage to other parts of the skin not infected with fungi. Such lesions, when present on the hands and feet and presenting as blisters, are easily confused with herpes simplex. However, patients with tinea pedis rash can generally find serious fungal infections. The pruritus of tinea pedis rash is more severe. The dermatophytosis test can be positive.
  • Keratolysis exfoliativa: that cause of the disease is still unknown. Keratolysis exfoliativa mainly occurs in the palms and soles of the feet, easy to relapse in the warm season. Keratolysis exfoliativa begins to be desquamate of small dot form, enlarge gradually form sheet desquamate, without apparent blister, also do not have urticant.

How To Prevent Herpes Simplex

How does sweat herpes prevent?

If you don't have herpes, you don't need special prevention. If you have a history of herpes simplex, to avoid the cause of the method to prevent the recurrence of herpes simplex, such as active treatment of hyperhidrosis, pay attention to health to reduce fungal infection, avoid contact with allergens, relaxation and decompression, etc.


How Is Sweat Herpes Treated

What branch should sweat herpes disease see?

Herpes simplex should be referred to the dermatology department.

What treatment method does sweat herpes have?

The treatment of herpes simplex is divided into two parts: treatment for symptoms and damage of herpes simplex and treatment for possible causes or precipitating factors of herpes simplex.

What are the treatments for herpes simplex?

  • External application: glucocorticoid preparation can be used externally, such as mometasone furoate cream.
  • Moisturizing: Moisturizing has a certain auxiliary effect, and can be applied externally to products such as hand cream, urea cream or vaseline.
  • If the itching is evident, antihistamines such as loratadine and cetirizine can be administered orally.

How does sweat herpes patient happen brothers much sweat to do?

Antiperspirant such as alum solution or aluminum chloride solution can be applied externally.

How to treat fungal infection in patients with herpes simplex?

Local mild fungal infections in patients with herpes simplex can be treated externally with clotrimazole ointment, or externally with a glucocorticoid-containing preparation such as compound ketoconazole ointment. If severe fungal infection is found, fluconazole or itraconazole may be administered orally.

Can sweat herpes be cured?

Although sweat herpes can happen repeatedly, it can be effectively relieved after treatment. Some patients can be cured, while some patients recover by themselves after years of repeated attack.


What Should Sweat Herpes Patient Notice In Life

What should sweat herpes patient notice on life?

  • Pay attention to clean hands and feet, less contact with special items, especially irritating, may be allergic to products, such as detergents, industrial practice, alloy. Wear protective gloves if necessary if touching.
  • Smoking may be associated with the onset of herpes simplex, it is recommended to try to quit smoking.

What disease is it possible for patients with herpes simplex to get blisters on their fingers?

There may be hand-foot-and-mouth disease, herpes simplex, herpes zoster, scabies, tinea manuum, etc.

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