Black Hairy Tongue (Black Tongue Coating)

Black Hairy Tongue
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What Is A Black Hairy Tongue

What is black hairy tongue disease?

Black hairy tongue can also be called "hairy tongue" or "black tongue coating". This is a benign tongue problem, mainly characterized by protrusions and lengthening of structures called "filiform papillae" on the tongue, as well as darkening and darkening.

The black hairy tongue was essentially a accumulation of dead skin cells from the filiform papilla that did not fall off smoothly. The addition of foreign matter, such as bacteria, fungi, tobacco, food, and other debris, results in a more visible appearance and a subsequent change in color, giving the naked eye the appearance of a hair-like protrusion.

It should be noted that this does not indicate any other bad conditions inside the body, so don't worry too much.


What Is The Cause Of Black Hairy Tongue

What causes the black hairy tongue?

The black hairy tongue may be related to many factors, and the specific reason may vary from person to person.

Overall, the related reasons are as follows:

  • Poor oral hygiene, smoking, dry mouth/less saliva/dehydration;
  • Use of antibiotics (e.g. erythromycin, doxycycline), bacterial infections, candida infections;
  • • Regularly use irritating products (such as mouthwashes containing hydrogen peroxide, witch hazel, or menthol);
  • Drink lots of tea or coffee, drink lots of alcohol, eat too soft food (which doesn't help rubbing dead skin cells on your tongue), etc.

Is black hairy tongue contagious?


Although the black hairy tongue is related to the overgrowth of oral color-producing fungi, it is a opportunistic pathogen that easily causes diseases under the condition of imbalance of normal oral flora, and it will not cause diseases when exposed to these fungi in the oral environment of normal population.


What Symptom Does Black Hair Tongue Have

What are the manifestations of black hairy tongue?

The black hairy tongue usually walks on the surface of the tongue, and initially occurs at the posterior root of the tongue, and develops forwards to two sides from the posterior root of the tongue

In addition, affected by the following factors, the color performance of black hairy tongue is not necessarily black, but may be yellow, brown, tan, green and even white:

  • Filiform nipples will have different foreign material attachment and staining;
  • The hyperplasia degree of papilla of tongue varies.
  • The amount of dye also varies.

Black hairy tongue generally has no other discomfort and no pain. In a few cases, you may feel a localized discomfort, such as bad breath, unpleasant odor (including metallic taste), a nauseating sensation, or a slight itching sensation.

The duration of the black hairy tongue varies from person to person, and some can heal after a period of time, to months or longer.

Which crowd does black hair tongue see more?

The black hairy tongue is common as a whole, and the reports from different places vary, with the incidence rate of the black hairy tongue in the population ranging from 0.5% to 11.3%.

Age, can appear in different stages, but adults will be more common.

In addition, people with special conditions, such as the elderly, cancer patients, smokers, people who drink tea for a long time, people with poor oral hygiene conditions and people with poor tongue movement and chewing function, are more likely to have black hairy tongue.

In terms of gender, the number of men with black hairy tongue is about 3 times that of women. This may be because men smoke more and they pay relatively little attention to oral hygiene.


How To Check For Black Hairy Tongue

How is black hairy tongue diagnosed?

Black hairy tongue can be clinically diagnosed according to typical color changes.

What are the characteristics of black hairy tongue under the microscope?

Microscopic examination revealed marked keratoinsufficiency accumulated at the tip of the normal filiform papilla with common bacterial colonization on the surface.

Black hairy tongue and what disease identification?

Black hairy tongue should be distinguished from oral hairy leukoplakia clinically and histologically. The latter is seen in HIV infected patients. Hairy leukoplakia is common on the side of the tongue and begins as a wrinkled patch, followed by a hard white plaque.

Microscopic examination revealed hypertrophic acanthosis, parakeratosis, irregular small pointed protrusions of keratin, vacuolation of keratinocytes, and the inclusion of EB virus in the vacuolated keratinocytes.


How To Prevent Black Hairy Tongue

How to prevent black hairy tongue.

  • Do not smoke;
  • The rational use of antibiotics and mouthwash and other oxidants;
  • Strictly and seriously maintain oral hygiene, brush your teeth in the morning and evening;
  • Babies should also clean the mouth, teeth and gums;

How To Treat Black Hairy Tongue

Black hairy tongue can see what department?

Go to the hospital to see a dentist or dermatologist.

Does black hair tongue want to treat?

Treatment is recommended.

However, the black hairy tongue is a benign problem, and the key point of treatment is to do various protective works well. Specific recommendations include the following:

  1. Try to find the cause and avoid it: quit smoking, don't abuse antibiotics.

  2. Maintain good oral hygiene.

    • Brush your teeth after meals, at least twice a day;
    • Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth (with a soft-bristled toothbrush or spatula) and gently remove dead cells, bacteria, and food debris;
    • It is best to use dental floss once a day to remove food particles and plaque between teeth;
    • Visit the dentist regularly to check your oral hygiene if it's convenient for you.
  3. Keep good nutrition, drink more water, a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables, diet also want to add some coarse grains.

  4. Use anti-infective drugs under the guidance of a doctor if there is bacterial or candidal infection.

If it is not sure whether the tongue is black fur, a professional doctor is needed to make a definite diagnosis, so as to avoid misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis. Go to the hospital to see a dentist or dermatologist.


What Should Patients With Black Hairy Tongue Pay Attention To In Life

What does black hair tongue notice on food?

There is no special taboo on diet, and a healthy and balanced diet is enough.

  • Pay attention to less salt when cooking, less oil, less high salt seasoning, eat less pickled vegetables, pickled meat, etc.;
  • Don't only eat refined rice and white flour as the main food; coarse grains, miscellaneous beans, potatoes, and pumpkins can be used to replace some of the main food.
  • Reasonable collocation of meat and vegetable, meat preferred chicken, duck, fish and other white meat, eat less fat, eggs, milk is an important source of protein and other nutrients;
  • If you are a vegetarian, you can eat more beans and soy products to supplement protein;
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables;
  • Try not to drink.

What does black hairy tongue notice in life?

There are no special precautions in life, just keep a healthy lifestyle.

Do not smoke;

Insist on exercise, don't sit for a long time, avoid overweight and obesity, exercise 3 ~ 5 times a week, 30 minutes each time, the combination of aerobic exercise and strength exercise, moderate intensity is not excessive;

Get plenty of sleep every day, whether you go to bed early or late;

When mental stress, emotional tension, learn to self-regulation.

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