Tinea Cruris

Tinea Cruris

What Is Tinea Cruris

What disease is tinea cruris?

Tinea cruris is a skin disease caused by fungal infection in the groin (medial to the thigh root), hip, perianal, and perineal regions. Annular or semi-annular erythema often appeared on the above parts, and they were often accompanied by pruritus of different degrees. Antifungal agents are mainly used in addition to therapeutic methods, and they can generally be treated well.

Is tinea cruris common?

This disease is very common.

Tinea cruris patients are seen almost every day in dermatology outpatient department. It is more common in summer because it is more likely to happen in the humid environment.

What relation is tinea cruris and tinea corporis?

Tinea corporis refers to fungal infection occurring in areas other than scalp, hair, palms and soles, and nails. Therefore, tinea cruris can be seen as tinea corporis occurring in a particular site.


What Is The Cause Of Tinea Cruris

What reason is tinea cruris caused?

Tinea cruris is caused by fungal infection, fungal species many, many, such as trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophytes, flocculent trichophyton, candida albicans, etc.

Tinea cruris good hair in which crowd?

People with excessive sweating, obesity, poor personal hygiene, long-term sitting (such as drivers) are vulnerable to the disease, and people with low immunity (such as diabetes, kidney disease, tumor patients, and so on) are also vulnerable to tinea cruris.

Can tinea cruris infect? How is it contagious?

It is contagious and its route of transmission is contact infection.

For example, direct contact with the patient's diseased area, contact with the clothes the patient was wearing, towels for wiping his body, and the closestool he had sat on, may lead to infection.


What Symptom Does Tinea Cruris Have

What are the common manifestations of tinea cruris?

Tinea cruris can occur on only one side of the thigh root, can also occur on both sides, some will occur in the perineum, anus or hip.

At first, a relatively small range of erythema, papule or vesicle appears locally, and with the development of the disease, the annular or semi-annular erythema with clear boundaries is often gradually enlarged to all sides.

Patients often have different degrees of itching, serious will affect life and sleep.

Tinea cruris can cause what adverse consequences?

  • Discomfort such as pruritus caused by tinea cruris can affect patients' life, study and work.

  • Patients with tinea cruris may not want to see a doctor because of the private part, resulting in the aggravation of the disease, and even appear inferiority, depression and other emotions.

  • Tinea cruris has certain infectivity, can infect the hand, foot, cause tinea manus and pedis, onychomycosis (onychomycosis), also can infect the family member.

Is tinea cruris the expression of aids?


People with low immunity are easily infected with fungi, so the probability of AIDS patients suffering from tinea cruris will indeed be greatly increased. But because the groin area is wet, permeability is poor, easy to rub repeatedly, this is easy to breed fungi, so a lot of normal people will get this disease, not got tinea cruris means AIDS, don't frighten yourself.


How To Check Whether Suffer From Tinea Cruris

How does tinea cruris judge?

Experienced dermatologists can make a diagnosis by asking patients about their medical history and symptoms and observing the rash. Sometimes a mycological examination is needed to help confirm the diagnosis of tinea cruris.

How is the mycological examination done?

The mycological examination includes items such as microscopic examination of fungal smears and fungal culture, and requires scraping of some dander from the skin lesions of suspected tinea cruris.

  • Microscopic examination of fungal smears is a microscopic examination of the dander by a doctor for the presence of fungi, which is visible on the day of presentation.

  • Fungal culture can obtain specific fungal species, which is helpful for drug selection and prognosis estimation. It takes about 2–3 weeks to produce the results.

Tinea cruris is easy to mix with what disease? How to separate them?

Tinea cruris needs to be distinguished from diseases such as eczema and neurodermatitis.

  • Eczema is aggravating in winter, summer to reduce; Its rash morphology is diverse, can be erythema papule, can appear ooze liquid, can be lichen kind change; Fungal tests are often negative.

  • Tinea cruris aggravates more in summer, winter alleviates; The rash is mostly annular or semi-annular erythema, and it is not often accompanied by exudation. Fungal tests were mostly positive.


How To Prevent Tinea Cruris

How does tinea cruris prevent?

  • The groin area should be kept as dry and clean as possible. Bathing and changing underwear should be done frequently.

  • Control body weight and avoid obesity.

  • Don't sit too long.

  • Active treatment is needed to control blood glucose and other underlying conditions if conditions such as diabetes are present.

  • Actively treat tinea manuum and pedis, onychomycosis (onychomycosis).

  • Do not share clothing, towels and other daily necessities with others.


How To Treat Tinea Cruris

Which branch does tinea cruris want to see?


Does tinea cruris need to treat? Can you help yourself?

Tinea cruris requires treatment.

Non-active treatment or wrong treatment may aggravate the disease or cause repeated failures.

How does tinea cruris treat?

In general, patients only need to apply antifungal drugs, such as terbinafine, bifonazole and ketoconazole. External application twice a day for more than 2 weeks.

It should be noted that avoid the use of drugs with the word "compound" in their names, such as compound bifonazole and compound ketoconazole, because these drugs not only contain antifungal components but also often contain hormones, which are not suitable for the treatment of tinea cruris. Instead, they can lead to repeated or aggravated diseases.

In some serious patients, besides external medicines, oral medicines such as itraconazole and terbinafine are required, but the medicines should be taken under the guidance of dermatologists.

How long ability is tinea cruris treated commonly good?

Tinea cruris is caused by fungal infection of the skin, mainly for antifungal treatment, so medication time is enough, otherwise it is easy to lead to recurrence, general topical ointment need * * more than 2 weeks * *, in order to obtain better bactericidal effect.

What common side effects does tinea cruris treatment drug have?

  • External drugs: External drugs for the treatment of tinea cruris are relatively safe, except that a very few people will have symptoms such as local burning sensation and swelling after using the ointment, and most people have no obvious side effects after using it.

  • Oral drugs: short-term adverse reactions are relatively rare, and possible adverse reactions include:

    • May have a certain irritation to the gastrointestinal tract, cause nausea, decreased appetite, etc.;
    • It may affect liver and kidney function, so patients with liver and kidney dysfunction need to be cautious about using;
    • Skin allergic reaction may occur;
    • May interact with other oral medications, etc.

So oral medications must be taken under the direction of a professional physician.

What effect can tinea cruris have on the body after cure?

Tinea cruris generally does not have sequela. In some patients, pigmentation may remain in the inguinal area after treatment, which generally resolves slowly over time.

Can tinea cruris be cured completely?

Tinea cruris is curable.

However, tinea cruris is prone to relapse or re-infection if the fungus is contacted again or the humid and hot environment exists. People with excessive sweating, obesity, poor personal hygiene, sitting for a long time and diabetes have a high recurrence rate. Moreover, inadequate treatment can lead to relapse.


What Should Tinea Cruris Patient Notice In Life

What should tinea cruris patient notice in life?

  • Keep the groin area as dry as possible, and apply talcum powder to the thigh root for those who easily perspire.

  • Avoid wearing too tight pants at ordinary times. It is recommended that men wear boxer shorts instead of briefs and women wear cotton underwear.

  • Pay attention to health, clean the groin every day (don't use hot water), frequently in underwear and other close-fitting clothing.

  • Pay attention to separate cleaning of the changed close-fitting clothes. You can use disinfectant to soak, hot water to scald, and insolate in the sun.

  • If accompanied by tinea manus and pedis or onychomycosis (onychomycosis), also want to actively treat, avoid mutual infection.

What does tinea cruris patient need to notice on food?

Patients with tinea cruris have no special taboos on diet, and a healthy and balanced diet is enough.

  • Pay attention to less salt when cooking, less oil, less high salt seasoning, eat less pickled vegetables, pickled meat, etc.;

  • Don't only eat refined rice and white flour as the main food; coarse grains, miscellaneous beans, potatoes, and pumpkins can be used to replace some of the main food.

  • Reasonable collocation of meat and vegetable, meat preferred chicken, duck, fish and other white meat, eat less fat, eggs, milk is an important source of protein and other nutrients;

  • If you are a vegetarian, you can eat more beans and soy products to supplement protein;

  • Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables;

  • Quit smoking and drinking.

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