Verruca Plana (Flat Wart)

Verruca Plana
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What Is Flat Wart

What is flat wart?

Verruca plana is a benign lesion of the skin caused by infection with human papillomavirus (HPV) that presents as flat, raised, small bumps (neoplasms) on the skin that can occur in children and young adults.

Verruca plana has a slow course of disease, which spontaneously resolves within two years, with a few patients relapsing.

Since verruca plana is contagious, early treatment is recommended, including medication and freezing.


What Is The Cause Of Flat Wart

What is the cause of flat wart?

The cause of the flat wart is very clear, is infected with human papillomavirus (HPV)。

The virus only infects humans and the host cells are the skin and mucosal epithelial cells. HPV can cause excessive proliferation and keratosis of epithelial cells, causing the accumulation of cells that form small, flat, protruding bumps on the skin surface.

Which person Flat wart easy to happen?

Verruca plana is possible for all but peaks at 16 to 30 years of age, especially in immunocompromised patients with skin trauma.

Is flat wart contagious?

Verruca plana is contagious and can spread from person to person or from one part of the body to another.

How is flat wart infected?

Verruca plana is mainly transmitted through direct skin contact.

Patients and healthy carriers are the major sources of infection, which can transmit human papillomavirus (HPV) to others. HPV can enter the cells through slight damage of skin and replicate and proliferate.

Is flat wart heredity?

Not hereditary.

If a disease is inherited, either the genetic material in the human body has changed or it is controlled by the disease-causing gene, all because of internal factors in the human body. Verruca plana is not inherited because the external human papillomavirus infects human skin epithelial cells, causing the formation of vegetation.

Infected with human papillomavirus, will only get flat warts?


Human papillomavirus (HPV) can cause abnormal proliferation of human skin and mucosa, and it has more than 100 subtypes, with different diseases caused by different subtypes.

After being infected with the virus, skin diseases such as verruca vulgaris, verruca plantaris, verruca plana, and condyloma acuminata may occur, as well as malignant tumors such as cervical cancer, vulval cancer, and anal cancer, and some people do not have any symptoms and lesions after being infected with the virus.

The HPV subtype that causes the verruca plana and the HPV subtype that causes the malignancy are different and do not cause undue concern.

Flat wart is not treated, can you cause other disease?

It could be.

Verruca plana is caused by human papillomavirus infection. Currently, there are nearly 100 subtypes of the virus, and different subtypes lead to different diseases. Among them, the subtypes of human papillomavirus that cause verruca plana are mainly 3 and 10. In addition, there are rare subtypes that can not only cause verruca plana, but also cause verruca vulgaris and verruca plantaris.

Verruca vulgaris is a viral skin disease that frequently occurs to the hands and the foot margin, and plantar wart is a special name for verruca vulgaris that grows on the sole of the foot. It is recommended to treat verruca plana as soon as possible after its occurrence, otherwise verruca vulgaris or verruca plantaris may occur.


What Symptom Does Flat Wart Have

What symptom does flat wart have?

The typical symptom of verruca plana is the appearance of small flat bumps the size of rice to soybeans on the skin, round or oval, smooth surface, normal skin color or light brown. The larger ones are often scattered into sheets, or several may be fused.

More sudden appearance, generally does not cause uncomfortable feelings, individual patients will have a sense of itching.

Flat wart is good hair in which part?

Verruca plana is more common on the face, back of hand and forearm.Verruca plana is more common on the face, back of hand and forearm.

When flat wart appears on the face, can grow full face all be?


Verruca plana has its own infectious nature. It can be transmitted to each other between the face, back of hand and forearm where it is prone to causing an increase in the number of verruca plana. When the body resistance decline, such as cold, fatigue, it is easy to cause a sudden outbreak of flat wart, grow a full face. So long flat wart should be treated in time.


How To Check For Flat Warts

What check does flat wart need to do?

Verruca plana is generally diagnosed based on the history and clinical features of the rash without additional tests. If the diagnosis is difficult, biopsy procedures and pathological examinations can be performed, as well as viral DNA tests.


How To Prevent Flat Wart

Can flat wart prevent?

Verruca plana can be prevented appropriately, but not completely.

  • Virus infection can be avoided as much as possible by avoiding contact with patients with verruca plana, daily necessities such as towels and the like;

  • Can enhance body resistance and enhance antiviral ability of that body.

However, these preventive measures have a limited effect, and verruca plana is related to the susceptibility of the body and cannot be completely prevented. And there are no special vaccines to prevent infection.

Can verruca plana be prevented by existing human papillomavirus vaccines?


There are many subtypes of human papillomavirus, and there are nearly 100 subtypes currently identified. There are three existing human papillomavirus vaccines, and the bivalent vaccine is targeted at types 16 and 18 which cause cervical cancer; The 4-valent vaccine is for types 6, 11, 16 and 18; The 9-valent vaccine is for types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, 58.

Studies have shown that the human papillomavirus causing verruca plana is mostly type 3 and 10. Therefore, the existing human papillomavirus vaccine does not prevent verruca plana.

How to prevent pigment spot after flat wart is cured?

  • The local dryness of that treat wound surface is kept, water on the wound surface is avoid, and the wound surface infection is avoided.

  • Sunscreen, which is the most important way to prevent the formation of pigment spots. Ultraviolet radiation will cause the increase of melanin, the whole skin can be used as a barrier to block part of the ultraviolet, normal people also need to prevent from becoming black. After the treatment for verruca plana, the skin barrier of the wound surface was damaged and lost the protective effect, so we should protect ourselves from the sun and avoid the melanin increase caused by ultraviolet radiation.


How Is Flat Wart Treated

Which department does flat wart go to see a doctor?


How does flat wart treat?

  • Flat wart of face: Due to the higher cosmetic requirements of the face, salicylic acid drugs and cryotherapy should be avoided and treatment with vitamin A acid, imiquimod and fluorouracil should be used.

  • Verruca plana elsewhere: It can be treated with cryotherapy and topical medications such as salicylic acid, retinoic acid, imiquimod, and fluorouracil.

What risk does flat wart freeze treatment have?

There will be pain during and after cryotherapy, and a very few patients may have scar formation or hyperpigmentation after treatment.

Generally, cryotherapy is not recommended for facial verruca plana. The facial beauty is highly demanding, and the verruca plana is small. The scope and depth of cryotherapy are difficult to master, which is likely to cause normal skin damage.

What are the commonly used remedial medicaments of flat wart?

  • External medicine: Commonly used external drugs include vitamin A acid ointment (such as adapalene gel), 5% imiquimod cream, acyclovir cream, interferon gel, and 5- fluorouracil cream. A chemical etchant (such as trichloroacetic acid) may also be applied topically. Some patients may have pigmentation after medication.

  • Injectable drugs: Mainly immune regulator such as interferon injection, BCG polysaccharide nucleic acid injection and levamisole tablet. These treatments may only be effective in some patients.

Can flat wart go beauty salon treatment?

Verruca plana is a skin disease, and diagnosis and treatment need to be performed by a dermatologist with dermatological license. It is not recommended to go to a beauty salon to treat verruca plana.

Can flat wart be cured?

Verruca plana can be cured, but it can still develop after re-infection with the human papillomavirus. Most verruca plana can resolve by itself, but it will resolve by itself. The course of the disease is long, often takes several years, and active treatment is recommended.


What Should Flat Wart Patient Notice In Life

What items need to be noticed in patients with verruca plana?

  • Avoid scratching the verruca plana and normal skin, because the virus can be planted from the damaged skin after scratching, and new verruca can grow locally.

  • Diet generally do not need to avoid;

  • Strengthen nutrition, improve the body immunity;

  • Avoid trauma.

Can flat wart grow on the face still use cosmetic?

You can make up, but you should use as little as possible.

What items need to be noticed after frozen treatment of verruca plana?

The frozen treatment of verruca plana will cause skin wound, and the scab on the wound must be naturally removed. Before the crust falls off, the wound surface should not be wet with water, so as to avoid drinking alcohol. When going out, the wound surface should be protected from sunlight so as to avoid leaving behind pigmentation.

What should flat wart do when happening in the family?

  • Avoid letting the patient grasp the affected part by hand and scratch others. Don't touch the patient even if the skin is definitely damaged.

  • Avoid sharing washings such as towels with patients.

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