White Hair (Grey Hair)

White Hair
Body Parts: Head
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How Is White Hair Caused

Why is white hair related to mental stress and excessive pressure?

A study in the United States has shown that stress can cause melanostem cells in hair to migrate to the skin. The greater the stress, the more melanostem cells will migrate, resulting in whitening of hair and increase of skin pigmentation. Therefore, people under high stress who often stay up late are prone to have white hair and dark complexion.

What substance does white hair lack because of the human body and cause?

The lack of B vitamins such as vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc and cobalt, and essential nutrients such as protein can lead to white hair.

Heard that some drugs can lead to white hair is it true?

There are reports that the use of interferon and hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of some diseases can lead to white hair, but the incidence is very low. Most drugs don' t cause white hair.

Is the white hair possibly caused by the sun?

An appropriate amount of sunlight is beneficial to the human body, but exposure can also lead to hair discoloration, because excessive ultraviolet light can make the melanin stem cells in the hair migrate to the skin, resulting in white hair, skin black, so long-term outdoor workers skin is black, and white hair, especially exposed to the outside of the hair, white hair, grey hair more.

Does white hair have much to do with eating fruit?

Fruit is rich in vitamin C, vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, can prevent the formation of melanin, if a short period of time to eat a large amount of food containing vitamin C may affect the hair melanin synthesis, but the normal amount of fruit is beneficial to the human body, will not increase the white hair.


What Are The Symptoms Of White Hair

How is white hair formed?

White hair is due to the reduction or even lack of melanin particles in the hair follicles at the root of the hair, or due to some reason, the melanin particles in the hair follicles cannot be delivered to the hair, resulting in partial or full whitening of the hair.

Does white hair have an effect on health?

White hair itself has no effect on health. For example, congenital white hair, hereditary white hair and physiological white hair do not have any health problems except that the hair is white. But mental stress and anxiety and other bad mental factors, lack of nutrients, a variety of diseases leading to white hair can seriously affect health.

Can white hair be inherited?

In addition to congenital white hair and hereditary white hair, as well as some hereditary diseases (such as adult premature aging, premature aging ataxia telangiectasia syndrome, etc.) can be inherited white hair, other types of white hair are not hereditary.

Is white hair a disease?

White hair can be a manifestation of some diseases, but physiological white hair (i.e., senile white hair) is a normal physiological phenomenon of human aging, not a disease.

Can white hair be cured?

There is no effective treatment method for congenital white hair, hereditary white hair, psychonervous white hair and senile white hair. aft nutritional white hair is corrected for nutritional deficiency and disease white hair is treat for primary diseases, that white hair may be improved, but most of the white hair is difficult to completely recover.

Is it necessary to treat white hair?

At present, there is no specific treatment to make white hair black, but timely treatment for the causes of white hair can prevent or delay the increase in white hair. Therefore, after the occurrence of white hair, we must first identify what is the cause of white hair, if it is hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, typhoid and other diseases caused by the primary disease must be treated in a timely manner. Patients with nutritional white hair can use drugs such as B vitamins, Jinshi Erkang, and Gansu zinc to supplement necessary substances for the human body, and can also use immune enhancers such as transfer factors and thymosin to regulate immunity.

Is the sudden darkening of white hair rejuvenation?

Aging is a normal natural law of human beings, and there is no phenomenon of rejuvenation. If the white hair suddenly turned black, may be the body appeared abnormal, such as some tumors cause abnormal secretion of hormones can lead to white hair black. The white hair darkening in some tumor patients may be a signal of tumor metastasis. Therefore, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive examination when the white hair turns black.


What Are The Different Types Of White Hair?

White hair is divided into congenital white hair and acquired white hair, acquired white hair is divided into physiological white hair, hereditary white hair, mental nervous white hair, nutritional white hair and disease of white hair.

Congenital white hair: Congenital white hair refers to that the hair is white at birth, which is mainly seen in patients with albinism, an autosomal recessive hereditary pigment deficiency disease, which is more common in children of consanguineous families. The skin and hair of the patient are white without pigment.

Hereditary white hair: Hereditary white hair, also known as juvenile white hair, or little white hair, often occurs before the age of 20. Some patients have white hair at birth, which is autosomal dominant inheritance and starts with scattered white hair, and then gradually increases.

Physiological white hair: Physiological white hair, also known as senile white hair, is one of the manifestations of human aging. Generally after 40 years of age, the absolute number of melanocytes in hair follicles begins to decrease, hair begins to fade, and white hair begins to appear after more than 50 years of age. Senile white hair often starts from the sideburns on both sides and develops slowly to the top of the head. After a few years, all the hair turns white, and some even turn white in eyebrows, beard and nose hair.

Neuropsychological white hair: Neuropsychological white hair is white hair caused by psychoneural factors, which is often caused by severe emotional influences such as excessive tension, anxiety, sadness and sadness. Those who develop rapidly can have their hair completely white overnight.

Nutritional white hair: Nutritional white hair is caused by the lack of certain nutrients necessary for the human body, and is often caused by the lack of intake of protein, vitamins and trace elements due to hunger, partial eclipse or digestive system diseases.

Diseased white hair: White hair is a manifestation of certain diseases, and is common in certain autoimmune diseases, certain hereditary diseases (such as adult premature aging), malignant anemia, consumptive diseases such as tuberculosis and typhoid fever, endocrine disorders such as hyperthyroidism and hypopituitarism, dermatosis such as vitiligo and neurofibroma, and autonomic nervous dysfunction.


How To Prevent White Hair?

  • A healthy lifestyle can prevent white hair:
  • Food diversification, balanced nutrition, ensure adequate intake of protein, vitamins, minerals.
  • Pay attention to keep a regular life, don't stay up late, don't overeat, don't smoke, alcohol, ensure adequate sleep, appropriate exercise.
  • Try to relieve stress and keep yourself in a good mood.
  • Don't use inferior shampoo, less perming, hair dye, reduce the damage to the hair, protect the hair quality.
  • Massage head properly to promote scalp blood circulation and blood supply to hair follicles.

How To Treat White Hair

Does the white hair grow more and more

There is a certain number of hair follicles on each person's head, and the number of hairs that grow out is also certain, so more hairs will not grow out because of pulling out white hairs. Therefore, there is no scientific basis for saying that "one hair grows seven". However, hair pulling can cause inflammation of scalp and hair follicles. If white hair is pulled out strongly, it will affect the growth of other healthy hair and may cause the surrounding healthy hair to turn white or fall off, so it is not recommended to pull out white hair. If you can't tolerate the existence of white hair, you can cut it off by sticking to your scalp.

What foods should white hair eat more?

Traditionally, foods such as black sesame, pearl millet, black soya bean, red beans, green beans, Hong Ling, walnuts, carrots, spinach, purple radish heads, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus, silky fowl, cattle and sheep livers, soft-shelled turtle, dark-colored fish, sea cucumbers, dates, black dates, persimmons, mulberries, purple grapes, etc. are considered beneficial for reducing white hair. Personally, I think that the main reason is that nutrition should be balanced, food should be diversified, and people should live a regular life so as to maintain good health. As a result, the probability of white hair will naturally decrease.


What Should The White Hair Patient Notice In Life

What should be noticed when dyeing white hair?

Because there is no effective treatment of white hair black, most people can only choose to use hair dye to dye the black, need to pay attention to when dyeing hair:

Hair dyes extracted from natural plants are not necessarily safe, for example, henna hair dyes are banned in China.

Before hair dyeing, skin sensitivity test should be conducted and the product can be used only if there is no allergic reaction.

Minimize the frequency of hair coloring.

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