Wrapping Balanitis

Wrapping Balanitis
Body Parts: Reproductive Site
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What Is Wrapping Balanitis

What disease is balanitis of wrapping a kind of?

Balanitis of foreskin refers to the inflammation of the internal plate of foreskin and glans penis, mainly featuring red plaques, rash, erosion, ulcer and increased secretion of foreskin, which can be accompanied by pruritus, burning sensation and pain, etc. Some patients may suffer from frequent, urgent and painful urination.

In the foreskin is too long or phimosis, scale stimulation of foreskin and glans penis will lead to foreskin balanitis; In addition, a variety of infections such as bacteria, fungi, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomonas, and drugs, a variety of chemical allergies can also cause foreskin balanitis.

Anti-infective drugs, glucocorticoid ointment and other drugs should be used as appropriate under the guidance of the doctor. Circumcision is possible if repeated inflammation is caused by excessive foreskin.

What type does wrapping glans inflammation have?

  • According to the presence of infectious factors, balanitis can be divided into infectious and non-infectious two categories.

    • Infective foreskin balanitis: it is usually caused by infection with candida albicans, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococci, or other bacteria.
    • Non-infectious foreskin balanitis: mostly due to the foreskin is too long and not clean, the scale between the foreskin and the glans penis stimulate the glans penis, and a variety of chemical detergents, local other stimulation caused by.
  • According to the different clinical manifestations and pathogenesis, foreskin balanitis can also be divided into the following categories:

    • Acute superficial prepuce balanitis
    • Annular ulcerated foreskin balanitis
    • Candida albicans foreskin balanitis
    • Trichomonal foreskin balanitis
    • Plasma cell foreskin balanitis
    • Mica-like and keratinizing pseudoepitheliomatous balanitis

What Is The Etiology Of Balanitis Of Wrapping

What are the common causes of balanitis of wrapping?

  • Infective foreskin balanitis: it is usually caused by infection with candida albicans, trichomonas, mycoplasma, chlamydia, gonococci, or other bacteria.

  • Non-infectious foreskin balanitis: mostly due to the foreskin is too long and not clean, the scale between the foreskin and the glans penis stimulate the glans penis, and a variety of chemical detergents, local other stimulation caused by.

What is the reason that wrapping glans inflammation is easy to cause by wrapping too long?

Under normal circumstances, between the foreskin and glans penis can secrete a kind of fat material-scale, in the foreskin is too long or phimosis, scale will stimulate the foreskin and glans penis, causing foreskin balanitis. In addition, when wrapping is too long, wrapping glans between lacuna is easy by bacterium, fungus wait for microbial infection, cause wrapping glans inflammation.

Does wrapping glans inflammation meet infection?

Not all of the foreskin balanitis will be infected, only infection caused by foreskin balanitis will be infected, such as infected with candida albicans, trichomonas chlamydia, mycoplasma and gonorrhoea diplococcus and other germs. The most common of these is candidal foreskin balanitis.

How is balanitis of sexual wrapping of white candida infected?

  • Sexual transmission: Candida albicans is a fungus that can be transmitted through unclean sexual intercourse, so it is also listed as one of the sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Indirect contact transmission: underwear, towels and bath towels contaminated by Candida can also be infected.

  • Candida albicans is a opportunistic pathogen. Long-term use of a large number of broad-spectrum antibiotics will lead to local flora disorder of foreskin glans and decreased immune function of the body, which can induce candidal inflammation of foreskin glans.

Is balanitis of wrapping glans caused by oral sex?

It could be. If oral sex person oral cavity has candida albicans infection, can infect each other, cause each other to produce wrapping balanitis.

Is wrapping balanitis venereal?

Foreskin balanitis is not the kind of venereal disease that we usually refer to, but part of foreskin balanitis can be transmitted through sexual relations, and it belongs to venereal disease in a broad sense, such as foreskin balanitis caused by various infections.


What Symptom Does Wrapping Glans Penis Inflammation Have

What symptom does wrapping glans inflammation have?

Foreskin balanitis has a variety of types, symptoms and manifestations are also varied, but abnormal manifestations are in the foreskin and glans, mainly foreskin red plaque, rash, erosion, ulcers, secretions increased, can be accompanied by pruritus, burning sensation, pain, etc., some patients will be accompanied by frequent micturition, urgent urination, urinary pain.

Have frequent micturition, urgent urination, uric pain, must be got wrapping balanitis?

Not entirely

Only part of the foreskin balanitis patients will have frequent micturition, urinary urgency, urinary pain. This is also true of other diseases, such as various urethritis and infections of the urinary system.

If frequent, urgent and painful urination occurs, you should go to the hospital for an examination and ask the doctor to determine what the problem is.

How should the various types of wrapping balanitis distinguish?

Simple differentiation can be made according to the manifestations of different types of balanitis. It should be noted that these symptoms and manifestations can only be used as a reference, and you should never make a diagnosis by reference. If you suspect any problem, you should go to the hospital in time.

  • Acute superficial foreskin balanitis: local flushing occurred at the beginning of the disease; the balanus felt hot and itchy; the foreskin and the balanus became reddening and erosive; there was fluid exudation and even bleeding.

  • Annular ulcerated foreskin balanitis: There are erythema on the glans and foreskin, which gradually expands into a circular ring, and may form ulcers and breakage.

  • Candida albicans foreskin balanitis: erythema can be seen on the foreskin and glans penis, with a smooth surface and herpes zoster. The edge of erythema is relatively clear, and there are erosion and exudation during acute attack.

  • Trichomonal foreskin balanitis: papules and erythema appeared on the glans of the turtle, which gradually expanded with clear edges. Small pinhead-sized blisters could be seen on the erythema, and finally a rotten surface was formed.

  • Plasma cell balanitis: It is common in middle-aged people and it is one or more chronic inflammation that lasts for a long time, with the damage appearing as plaques, and the surface being smooth, desquamation or moist, with obvious infiltration. It is clear in boundary and not easy to break and collapse, and the surface can be seen with tiny spots like chili powder.

  • Mica-like and keratinizing pseudoepitheliomatous balanitis: The glans damage is infiltrative and hypertrophic, with excessive keratosis and mica-like crust. The affected part loses normal elasticity and shrinks after a long time.

What harm does wrapping balanitis have?

Foreskin balanitis if not cured for a long time, may have the following consequences:

  • Leading to inflammation in the prostate, testis, epididymis and vas deferens.

  • Cause the ascending infection of urinary system, lead to cystitis, nephritis, etc.

  • Lead to sexual dysfunction (premature ejaculation, impotence)。

  • Damage reproductive system, affect sperm quality, lead to male infertility.

  • Urethral stricture, dysuria.


How To Check Whether Suffer From Wrapping Balanitis

What check does wrapping balanitis need to do?

Microscopic examination of fungi, trichomonas, chlamydia mycoplasma, gonococcus microscopic examination and culture, secretion bacterial culture plus drug sensitivity, biopsy and pathological examination. These examinations are mainly used to determine the cause of preputial balanitis and the presence or absence of malignant diseases, and to guide the next step in treatment.

Is wrapping glans penis phlogistic with which disease to compare resemble?

There are some symptoms and foreskin balanitis more like the disease, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, contact dermatitis, drug rash, genital herpes, herpes zoster, etc. We need to ask the doctor to do relevant tests at the hospital to rule out this.

Foreskin balanitis patient, have dirty sexual life history at the same time, what check still need to do?

  • If the patient that produces wrapping balanitis has dirty sexual life history, should go to the hospital to take secreta smear microscopic examination to see if there is trichomonad, in order to exclude trichomonal wrapping balanitis.

  • Microscopic examination or culture of materials taken from the diseased foreskin glans for the presence of Candida albicans was performed in order to exclude candidal foreskin glans inflammation.

  • In order to exclude gonococcal urethritis, condyloma acuminatum, should also go related discharge examination.

  • In the occurrence of dirty sex life after a period of time, should also go to the hospital for blood tests to clear the presence of hiv, syphilis and other infections.


How To Prevent Foreskin Balanitis

What are the precautionary measures of wrapping glans penis inflammation?

The causes of balanitis include redundant prepuce, physical and chemical stimulation, and infection factors. Therefore, also for these factors to prevent:

  • Keep vulva dry, clean and sanitary.

  • Avoid excessive washing, and use less chemical detergents. Simply rinse with warm water and clear water. Do not apply drugs to the skin at will.

  • Don't wear tight chemical fiber underwear, but loose cotton underwear.

  • Avoid excessive drinking.

  • Keep clean and avoid impure sexual behaviors; If the spouse has vaginitis which each kind of infection causes, must try to avoid the sexual contact, must wear the condom contact at least.

  • Circumcision is recommended for those with excessive foreskin.

  • If you have the habit of masturbating, avoid masturbating too often and excessively stimulating your genitals.


How Is Wrapping Balanitis Treated

Does wrapping balanitis meet self-cure?

Foreskin balanitis does not usually heal itself, so you should see a doctor in time.

Foreskin balanitis see what department?


Can the treatment of wrapping balanitis use external medicine only cure?

Only using external drugs may have poor therapeutic effect, and oral drug treatment for etiology should be conducted under the guidance of doctor.

Does wrapping balanitis patient need to be hospitalized?

Generally not needed, just take medicine at home according to the doctor's advice, and only need hospitalization when the condition is more serious.

How does wrapping glans inflammation treat?

The treatment chosen depends on the cause of the foreskin balanitis. Medication should not be used indiscriminately and should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.

  • Candida albicans foreskin balanitis: antifungal drugs can be taken orally or applied externally.

  • Glans penis inflammation caused by scaling stimulation: under the doctor's guidance, apply glucocorticoid ointment or non-hormonal external medicine for dermatitis and eczema. The penis and glans penis should be kept dry, clean and sanitary, so as to avoid excessive washing. The penis and glans penis should be simply washed with clear water and warm water, so as to avoid using various chemical detergents and wearing loose cotton underwear.

  • Balanitis of foreskin caused by bacterial infection: Sensitive antibacterial drugs are selected according to the types of possible infected bacteria. There are many kinds of antibacterial drugs, which must be used under the guidance of a doctor.

  • Balanitis of foreskin caused by drug or chemical allergy: oral antihistamines and even glucocorticoids, and external application of glucocorticoid ointment or non-hormone external medicine.

What are the precautions when the treatment of wrapping balanitis takes antifungal drug?

At present commonly used antifungal drugs are fluconazole, itraconazole, ketoconazole, etc., when taking this kind of medicine need to pay attention to:

  • Tell your doctor which medications you're allergic to.

  • Inform the doctor of his own medical history, with caution in patients with liver and kidney disease, severe liver and kidney disease is prohibited.

  • During the medication, to follow the doctor's advice regularly check liver function, monitoring drug side effects.

  • The drug is used for a full course of treatment and cannot be stopped or increased or decreased by itself.

Does wrapping balanitis need operation to treat?

If there is too long foreskin, and repeated foreskin balanitis, circumcision can be performed. Postoperative precautions:

  • Avoid wetting the wound when urinating. If the cotton yarn near the wound is contaminated by urine, please ask the doctor to replace it in time.

  • Avoid sexual fantasy and sexual stimulation, in case of penile erection, cause pain or bleeding, when necessary can oral estrogen, married men and his wife can be separated for a period of time, in order to avoid sexual impulse.

  • Avoid strenuous activity or exercise.

What consequence does wrapping balanitis treat inappropriately?

Treatment of foreskin balanitis do not blindly use drugs.

  • Improper treatment will produce stimulation, will aggravate the foreskin balanitis, for a long time will lead to foreskin balanitis adhesion, can lead to retrograde infection of the urethra, lead to urinary system infection.

  • Self-abuse of antibiotics will lead to local flora disorder and drug resistance of pathogens such as bacteria.

  • Improper treatment will lead to repeated attacks of foreskin balanitis and the formation of chronic foreskin balanitis. Severe foreskin balanitis can lead to ulceration and cicatrix formation, and few of them can affect the function of the glans.


What Should Wrapping Balanitis Patient Notice In Life

What items should be noticed in the life of patients with balanitis of foreskin?

  • Turning the foreskin out of the glans penis and thoroughly cleaning the scaling, and then turning the foreskin back after drying, have both preventive and therapeutic effects. However, it should be noted that severe foreskin edema, do not forcibly turn on the foreskin, in order to avoid incarceration.

  • Avoid excessive and hard cleaning of the glans penis. Avoid using soap, perfume, condoms and other chemicals (spermicide and vaseline). Wear loose cotton underwear to avoid aggravating foreskin balanitis.

  • Suspend sex life to avoid cross-infection or exacerbation of symptoms.

  • Avoid re-exposure to medicines and chemicals known to cause allergies to the glans penis.

Does prepuce balanitis patient need to tell sexual partner diseased condition?

Some types of foreskin balanitis have certain infectious, such as candida albicans, trichomonas chlamydia, mycoplasma and diplococcus caused by foreskin balanitis, can be transmitted to the woman through sexual life, so to inform the sexual partner.

Does wrapping balanitis patient have contraindication on food?

There is no taboo, a healthy and balanced diet, less alcohol.

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